Have a Little Gin and Juice this Weekend

Gin and juice and pretty flowers.  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comHi everyone!  I’m headed home today from a VERY quick trip to NYC!  Can’t wait to share what I was doing there with you.  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend that includes sippin’ on gin and juice.  If you are a new reader you may want to check out my post on our Gangster Rap Sewing Class where this photo was first posted.  See you Monday!



Happy Cake Day Banner on YAMF

guest post for happy cake day garlandI have a really fun birthday banner up on You Are My Fave.  Have you seen it?  Fabric letters and napkin flowers make it fun and exciting.  Go check it out!!


Press Play and Party {The Cults . Abducted}

This is sort of a mini edition of Press Play and Party.  I have been in to the song “Abducted” by The Cults for a while.  The music is super danceable and I LOVE Madeline’s voice.  Then I started to hear the words.  It is a beautiful song.  About stealing hearts and love and feeling trapped in a relationship.  So it is perfect timing for Valentine’s Day. :)

Abducted {Click the link to the left to hear the song}

heart pinata . black balloon . wilted flowers . broken heart cake 

I made these little anti-Valentine’s to go along with the song.  When my husband saw them he totally freaked out.  He thought I was making them for my son’s kindergarten class.  Um, no.