An easy way to enjoy fresh fruit from Dole

Dole is rocking my world right now.  You may have read my post from yesterday about their new Shakers product.  I’m obsessed.  But they also sent me these fresh frozen fruit cups to try out too!  I made a pre-dinner smoothie for them to work in a serving of fruit and it couldn’t have been easier.

The Dole frozen fruit single serving cups come in a two pack and are kept frozen.  With detailed thawing instructions on the back for optimal enjoyment, Dole has made it even easier to have a healthy alternative, fast and ready to go.

You simply remove the plastic lid and use however you want to!

My kids were so into these!  We decided to make them in to a quick smoothie before dinner (but I figured this would be their usual fruit serving they would usually have at dinner so it wasn’t like I was giving them a treat right before dinner – I’m saying this mostly for my mom’s benefit in case she reads this.  She would be appalled that I gave the kids something right before dinner.  The horror!)

One son doesn’t like pineapple so I kept it out of the initial smoothie.  I added a Dole strawberry cup and a blueberry cup to some ice and about a cup of orange juice.

So fast and easy.  Once I poured a glass for my pineapple hating son, I added the Dole pineapple cup to the blender and mixed that in for my pineapple tolerant son.  I felt good about their “snack” and there was no hassle at all.  These would be great for school lunches where you could put them in the lunchbox frozen.  They would be great to take with you for a healthy snack on the go and there are tons more ways that they can be used!  Dole is giving us all kinds of healthy options for summer.  My favorite part about these is that they aren’t packed in syrup or any added sweeteners.  Just fruit.

Dole has been touring around the country sharing samples of their two fabulous new products as well as bringing awareness to childhood obesity and nutrition and helping local Boys and Girls Clubs.  If you are in the Los Angeles area, head to The Grove next Saturday to learn how your family can find healthier food options this summer as well as finding activities to do together.  See all the info on their Facebook page (click the photo that says Shake it Up).

Dole’s Shake it up Summer Tour, Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Grove – 101 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles, CA  12:00 pm – 6:00 pm benefitting the Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood.

*I was given product for review.  All opinions are mine!  But I really think you are going to like these.


Dole Shakers – The easiest smoothie ever!


Oh my gosh, Dole Shakers are my new favorite thing!   How delicious does this strawberry banana smoothie look?!  I think this just revolutionized the way I have breakfast.  For real, yo.

Do you know about these Dole Shakers yogurt and fruit smoothie kit?  Sold in the freezer section of your local store, this has to be the best idea ever invented.  Especially for those of us worried about swimsuit season and, well, just not pumping our kids full of chemicals and empty calories.

When you first open it, you will see these frozen yogurt balls and fruit pieces.  Looking at it, it is hard to believe that this will turn in to a nice, thick smoothie.  But it will!

The super simple directions are on the back of the container and you just add juice.  That’s it!  The lazy person inside of me is rejoicing!  Especially since I often (always) turn to convenience foods in the morning because I “just don’t have time!” to make something more healthy.  This is even easier to make than a pop tart.  A quick shake and you are ready to drink up.

And while I don’t run off to work in the morning, I am up and about shuttling the kids to school or running errands.  And as most of you moms know, sometimes you have a very small window to get something done and you don’t want to have to stop and eat and waste those precious seconds.  This is shaped perfectly for a cup holder.  All you would do is take the Dole Shakers smoothie cup out of the freezer, give it a quick shake to break up those frozen pieces and pour in your juice.  Then just take it with you and run out the door.  To mix, all you do is shake the container for 30-45 seconds.

My kids adore smoothies.  I reluctantly shared my smoothie with my boys.  My 3 year old drank the whole thing (which is unusual – like his mother, he also prefers carbs to anything else) and my 6 year old told me it was the best smoothie he has ever had!  And I love knowing that when I get that craving for something sweet in the afternoon, these are there to save me from snacking on something terrible for me.

The Dole Shakers don’t take up much room in the freezer.  And I will be keeping them stocked.  This door compartment is now the designated Dole Shakers space.  I saw another blog post that noted they were about $1.50 each at Wal-Mart.  But if you head to the Dole Shakers page, you can download a coupon.

I gave my husband the mixed berry Dole Shakers to try.  There were going to be pictures but he was still in his underwear.  The mixed berry flavor was also very tasty!  He loves to have a smoothie on the weekends and will make them for us in the blender.  But he never makes them on a weekday because it just takes too much time.  I love that he will be able to take one of these with him now.

And because I am a crazy craft hoarder, I also think the  container is going to prove very useful for things…Have you tried the Dole Shakers yet?  Tell me what you think!

*Dole gave me the products to review.  All opinions are mine.  And I love this product.