Easiest Gold Necklace Ever

Quickest DIY necklace everI figured out how to make the cheapest gold necklace ever.  Well, ok, it isn’t real gold but gold coated or something.  After my wardrobe consultation, I realized that a lot of the jewelry I own does not fit the look that I want to have.  So I have been slowly adding new pieces to my collection.  But I’m super cheap when it comes to accessories.  But I had this idea so I headed to the local craft store to see if it would work.

DIY gold knot necklace DIYI looked in the jewelry section for a gold chain that I like the look of.  I’m pretty sure that this one was $3.00.  And it might have even been cheaper because I think it was on sale.  Look for the longest chain that you can find.

DIY gold chain knot necklaceGrab the two ends and make a knot.  Boom.  Remember that you will have to fit it over your head so keep the knot close to the ends.  Or you can just undo the knot when you want to take it off.

simple gold necklace tutorial Super easy and pretty cute.  And since the chain won’t let the knot get too tight it kind of slips around so it looks a bit different each time you knot it.  And I didn’t have to buy any special jewelry making supplies.  And since my usual post partner in crime was out-of-town I had to take these photos of myself.  Super awkward but you get the point.


Embellish your Kid’s Socks

embellish socksSometimes it is fun to make your kids smile by sewing smiles in to their socks.

diy kid's sock embellishmentYour kids probably already have white socks in their drawer.  And any good crafter has embroidery thread and a needle perfectly labeled and stored with their other craft supplies.

diy kids fashionUse a simple stitch to create a shape, face or word.  Due to the stretchiness of the fabric, just make sure not to pull the thread too tight or you will have a really hard time getting the shape you want.  Check out my meaty, man hands!  This is why I fail in comparison to other DIY bloggers.  I have no interest in making sure my nails are perfectly painted before I take photos of a post.  Although I did take pause when I burned the hell out of my thumb with hot glue recently.  That was the first time I have had a wound weep.  Have you ever had that?  It’s super gross.

kids socksThis post is incomplete.  I had planned of having my oldest son wear these with his cute little high tops.  But sometimes your kids can not be bribed.  It doesn’t happen often.  I know the way to my kid’s hearts is through candy and Legos.  But alas, he could not be bought.  But just think of how cute these would look on an actual child’s foot.


DIY Knotted Yarn Bracelets

yarn braceletsI really like to knot things.  And I can’t stop.  I’ve used this particular knot for garlands, I’ve used them for hanging balloons and now I’m using knots for these Knotted Yarn Bracelets.  They are easy, they look cool and I just plain like them.  And I have no idea what this kind of knot is even called.

yarn bracelet suppliesFor these knotted yarn bracelets, you just need yarn and scissors.  For tutorial purposes I’m showing you how to make them with just one piece of string.  To make a thicker bracelet, just use more pieces in one color, or mix it up and use a bunch of colors.

knotted steps for yarn bracelet1:  Make a loop with the yarn. Make sure to leave enough at the end so that you can hold it in your left hand (you’ll be knotting with your right hand).

2: With your right hand, tuck the yarn through your first loop from underneath.  Do not pull it all the way through, you will be creating your second loop.

3:  Grab your new loop and pull to create a tight-ish knot at your first loop (from step 1) Have I lost you? It is really simple just super hard to explain!

4:  Here is a better look at the knot.  Remember do not pull the yarn all the way through.  Your knot may get really long in order to get your first knot to tighten which is fine and will be fixed in the next step.

5:  You want to work with a small loop to keep it efficient and taut.  Place that floppy loop around the thumb on your left hand and pull the loose string back through the first knot with your right hand.  This part is critical when making the bracelets with more than one piece of yarn.  This is where you get them to be smooth and not have one that is looser than the rest which can make it look really messy.

6:  Begin the next loop by repeating step 2.  And continue until you have the amount of knots you want.

knot a length of yarn for a braceletHere is what it will look like.  Remember keep the yarn tucked in your left hand and do the knotting with your right.  After the first few knots this will go really fast.

finish the knot of the braceletsTo finish the knotted portion of the bracelet, create one last loop, but this time you will pull the piece of yarn all the way through and secure the knots.

tie knot at end of braceletAs if that last part wasn’t hard enough to explain, here is how you make it adjustable and wearable…  On one end, make a knot (just to be safe, knot it again at the same spot so that the knot is larger).  This is the knot that make the bracelet slide to tighten on your wrist, but not slide all the way out of the other knot that secures it.

tie a second knotNext, tie a knot with both ends of the bracelet.

finish the knotPull the knot tight.  Trim the end of the bracelet without the knot.  Don’t cut it too short as this is yarn and it is somewhat slippery and a nice tug can pull it out of the knot.  Once you have this on your wrist, you will pull the end with the knot to tighten it.  To loosen, just pull on the piece of yarn (the one with the knot at the end) the other direction.

 bracelets made of yarnThen stack them up and wear them with other accessories.

easy yarn bracelet tutorialThese are perfect for Easter when using these pretty pastels.  And they are easy enough that young girls can do them.  This could be a super fun party activity.  And I love that they can be made with only yarn.  I’ve done it with rope for a really cool look but probably not something you would wear on your wrist.  Embroidery thread would be a bit too thin for my taste but would make a really delicate looking bracelet.  I would love to know if you know what this knot is called??

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Toppers by Truly Chic Inspirations

You guys!  I’m super excited to have a guest poster today sharing DIY St. Patrick’s Day Toppers!  Melissa from Truly Chic Inspirations is one of my fave online people!  She is one of my biggest cheerleaders and it makes my day when I see her name pop up in my inbox.  She recently started growing her blog and I’m super proud of her.  Please make sure you comment to support her and check out her site!

From Melissa:

Hi there! I am so happy to be guest blogging on one of my favorites sites. I adore all things Cupcakes and Cutlery and I’m excited to be sharing a little DIY today.

I’m a bit of an any reason to celebrate sounds good to me fan. With St Patrick’s Day coming soon I thought it only appropriate to dress up a cake. When I think of St Patrick’s Day I think of food, beer, food, beer, and more food… sweets have to be in the mix somewhere, right? Plus I bought this green cake stand and have been anxious to use it, St Patty’s Day gave the perfect excuse.

St Patricks Day CakeI like crafting but I also like to keep things simple, this St. Patrick’s Day topper project was easy and fun. Aside from baking the cake it took only minutes to put this together which is perfect when adding in those last minute touches prior to guest arrivals.

st patricks day toppersI made a quick stop at the Dollar Store and noticed some glitter table scatter (got excited) and automatically pictured them on a cake. I know this is totally normal. Using skewers I attached the glitter pieces with hot glue. You’ll want to trim the skewers so they “fit” the cake.

st patricks day topper diy

Is it odd that I also picture these in bratwurst? I’m game for dressing up all types of food. These accessorized skewers can double as drink stirrers too. A green cocktail with a fancy stirrer, yes please!

st patricks day diy toppers

Happy celebrating & happy crafting!

Thanks, Melissa!!!  I know my kids would love these St. Patrick’s Day toppers!  And they are totally my kind of craft, easy and inexpensive.  These are the perfect way to make the holiday a little more special.  Be sure to check out Melissa’s own blog!!

Easy Sequin Tassel Tutorial

Easy Gold Sequin Tassel DIY TutorialYo.  What’s up.  Today I wanted to share the easiest tassel tutorial ever.  I give you:  Easy Sequin Tassels.  I made these for my balloon Valentine’s but they could be used in so many other ways.  I would love to get a gift with one of these cuties.  Or hung on a Christmas tree!

gold sequin tassels with mint and peach yarnI like how these sequin tassels are a little bit looser than a normal tassel.  And that they don’t require you to wrap things tight around your hand so it gets stuck and you feel like a nerd trying to get it loose.  Or maybe i’m just doing it wrong…They way I did this tutorial, you make two at a time.

sequins and yarnThe main supply that you might need to order for this craft is the sequin trim.  I picked this up at Paper Mart (hey Orange County – their warehouse is in Orange and you can will call your orders.  HUGE!  Your welcome.)  Then you just need yarn or string to tie them off and scissors.  Nothing complicated about this.

steps to diy tutorialThere are no measurements for this.  Wing it.  You will need to cut of a length of the trim.  Loop it about 4-5 times.  Pull the yarn through the sequin loops on one side and tie a knot.

tie knots at both endsDo the same thing on the other end.  Or don’t.  If you want to do just one long tassel, you would cut the loops and then trim up the ends so they are even.

cut the tassels apartIf you do want two, cut them apart in the middle.  One side will be a little bit more full due to it having an extra loop.

easy sequin tassel garland diySuper easy.  Super sparkly.  Super fun.

DIY gold sequin tasselsHow would you use these sequin tassels?

gold sequin tassel garlandYou can even make them in to a garland.  This one is totally whack but sometimes that is just how my crafts go.  I was too lazy to dig around my garage for the perfect thing to hang them from.  But you can see the potential and if you are so inclined, make it better.  I also like things messy so I like the pop of color from the yarn ends.  Feel free to trim it off if it offends you.  This couldn’t be any easier, right?