Everyday Treats are Better with COOL WHIP



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My mom makes this delicious dessert using raspberry jello, COOL WHIP Whipped Topping and the most delicious pretzel crust that you ever did taste.  But it is a mutli-step recipe which means that I am unlikely to make it.  Skill wise I am capable.  But I’m lazy.  So I figured out how to get those great flavors from the full recipe in to a super easy afternoon snack for the kids and I.

Most days, the kid’s snack looks like this.  A mish mash of things in a bowl.  My oldest son loves to “cook” which means getting about 10 things out of the pantry and stirring them altogether in a giant bowl.

But some days deserve an extra special treat.  Maybe it is a delightfully warm Southern California afternoon.  Maybe the boys ate all of their lunch for once.  Or maybe I just want to make the boys smile extra big at snack time.  COOL WHIP makes our snack times extra special.  Our family doesn’t eat dessert after dinner (well I do, but the boys are already in bed.  I don’t like to share.) so snack time is where I can surprise them with sweet treats.

My mom’s recipe doesn’t contain chocolate chips but mine sure does.  And there is no real recipe.  This is one of those add what you like and leave out what you don’t type things.    Get yourself a container of fresh raspberries (although frozen would work as well, they would just be a little bit more wet), a bag of chocolate chips, some pretzels and COOL WHIP.  My sis was telling me about chocolate chip stuffed raspberries that she saw on Pinterest and I thought I would give it a shot.  Of course you can skip that step but those two flavors together are quite tasty together.  Crush up the pretzels in a plastic baggie to your desired consistency.  I kept them in pretty big chunks but a fine pretzel dust wouldn’t ruin anything.  And try to remember to put your COOL WHIP in the fridge to thaw ahead of time.

Grab a glass, bowl or jar (preferably one with a wider mouth than the one I used so it doesn’t get so messy when trying to layer the COOL WHIP like mine did) and add the ingredients like a parfait.  Don’t forget to finish it off with a dollop of  COOL WHIP!

The kids love it!  What normally would have a been a ho-hum everyday snack is made extra special by COOL WHIP.  It took everything I had not to eat the COOL WHIP off his cute little nose.

I made myself a fancy version in a vintage champagne coup.  Who says moms don’t need a special treat too?  And you know what else is made extra yummy with a little bit of COOL WHIP?

Fruit Loops!  I’m not kidding.  Try it!  There are very few products on the market that can make something common in to something super delicious and fun.  A spoonful of COOL WHIP does just that.

And don’t forget to see my post from last summer with another COOL WHIP based recipe that is a fave!!


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