Cool Kid’s Clothes from Cotton On (and some for adults too!)

Cool Kids Clothes by Cotton On

If you are looking for cool kid’s clothes, let me introduce you to Cotton On.  Cotton On is a retailer from Australia and I am lucky enough to have a brick and mortar store very close to my house.  I have shopped there for myself a ton of times and it has become a favorite for casual, comfortable, easy pieces that are still fashionable and on trend.  And then they opened up a kid’s store!  Cotton On Kids is my go-to store for buying presents for children.  I love it because the clothes are super cute, reasonably priced and no one else has them!! Ok, I guess some other people have them but with very few stores in the United States, it really makes you feel like you are buying more original pieces.  The girls clothes are hip without being too old.  But the boys clothes are what makes me really happy.  I have two little boys and I can always find something cool for them when I go in.  The t shirts are cut really well and they make some really fun socks!  (My youngest is all about fun socks).  Cotton On just opened their US online store (it is in prelaunch stage).  The selection is not the best for the kids so far, in fact, there isn’t that much on there for boys yet, but if I were you I would keep checking back.  This is a store I really think you are going to like!  And don’t forget to shop for yourself too!  Oh!  And they have a home component as well called Typo.  Browse around.  There is an amazing section with wrapping and packaging items and fun gift ideas!  Sign up for their email newsletter and get a 30% off coupon!

P.S.  This is not a sponsored post.  I seriously love this shop and think everyone should know about it.


Tastemaker Spotlight on Axl’s Closet!

Axl’s Closet is a rad online store for the coolest kid’s clothes.  They carry a ton of action sports brands, have amazing pricing and it is a one stop shop to pick up the latest in shoes, shirts, pants and accessories.

Axl’s Closet knows I have two active little boys so they asked me to share my picks for the items that we love (and do you see those sale prices?! Awesome!).  I hope you will click over and check out what we can’t wait to wear.  Also check out my madlib-style interview they posted on their blog!  Super excited they asked me to do this!  Go check it out!

AND they are giving you a discount!  Get 20% off a purchase through October, 24, 2012.  Just use the code above.  If I were you, I might go ahead and start my Christmas shopping a little bit early.  Shop now!

Disclosure:  As a thank you, they gave me a discount on merchandise.  All opinions are mine and I love Axl’s Closet.