A Perfect Instagram Moment

dirty-side-of-blogging-logoA beautifully styled instagram post by A Fabulous FeteI am SO happy to have Lauren on the blog today.  You see that perfectly perfect, styled photo above?  Lauren puts out the most gorgeous Instagram photos.  Style just comes so naturally to her.  But guess what is just outside even her perfect shot…

This is what is just outside of a perfectly styled instagram photo by A Fabulous Fete.See the red shoes on top of  the white dresser below the window?  That is the beginning stages of a perfectly lovely shoe shot.  I totally appreciate Lauren sharing this with me.  I love that we can all keep it really real.

Do any of you have photos of your dirty side of blogging?  I’m taking submissions!  Email me!  cupcakesandcutlery at gmail dot com.


Cool Candlestick Holders

cool candlestick holders for fall tables

Its time.  For just about 6 years I have not burned candles in my home.  To me, open flame and children just don’t mix.  While I enjoy candles, the risk of fire was just far too great.  And when we found out about my sons asthma, all my research said that candles were not a good idea.  So my homes have lacked twinkle-y, romantical lighting this entire time.  But things are about to change.  I did a candle test run the other night with the one candle I have in my home.  The boys and I had lengthy conversations about fire, 911, hot wax, and the fact that Michael Jackson had a son named, Blanket.  That last one was bound to come up sooner or later.  And then I lit the candle.  My house didn’t burn down and no one got burned.  I ended up with those rad wooden candle holders from Crate and Barrel (#4) a few days later.  I’m in love.  Come on baby light my fire.

Other candlestick holders that want to come live with me:

1: Metal Taper Holders

2: JA Squirrel Candle Holder

3: Conran Candlestick Holder

4: Wooden Candlestick Holder

5: Jack Black Candlestick Holder

6: Five Arm Candelabra

7: Gallant Horse Candle Holder

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