Things I Love – May

Where the heck did May go?  For real.  How can it almost be summer?  Nothing says summer like little skateboarding oranges, right?  Lauren got me totally addicted to these Voluspa candles.  This Ambre Lumiere flavor is SO good!  I want these all over my house.

A Perfect Instagram Moment

I am SO happy to have Lauren on the blog today.  You see that perfectly perfect, styled photo above?  Lauren puts out the most gorgeous Instagram photos.  Style just comes so naturally to her.  But guess what is just outside even her perfect shot… See the red shoes on top of  the white dresser below…

Cool Candlestick Holders

Its time.  For just about 6 years I have not burned candles in my home.  To me, open flame and children just don’t mix.  While I enjoy candles, the risk of fire was just far too great.  And when we found out about my sons asthma, all my research said that candles were not a…