Bright Surprise Party Inspiration

*This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints. All opinions are mine!

Bright decor for an adult party.  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comYou guys must know, by now, that I love bright colors.  And I like to use them all at the same time.  Especially for spring parties.  And I think they pair really well with indigo.  There is something about a deep blue and a bright yellow together that makes me super happy.  And do you love that tablecloth as much as I do?  You should.  Because I made it.  You can see the full tutorial over on the Tiny Prints blog

Sneaky Fun Stormy Blue Surprise Party Invite by @tinyprints //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comWhen I saw this invitation it totally reminded me of stonewash denim.  While that might turn some people off, I quite like it.  It is also very reminiscent of the shibori dying technique which I love.  And I knew instantly that I wanted to make a tablecloth inspired by this invitation.  The backside of this invite is all watercolor-esque indigo with hints of whispy white.  Perfection.  I contemplated for a half second about hand painting a watercolor tablecloth.  But I am NOT an artist and I just felt like it would not turn out the way my head wanted it to.  But I do messy pretty well so I decided on using bleach to take the color out of denim to create a similar look.  I love how it turned out!  And I love everything about that invite from the font and color options (they do this in blacks or reds also!) to how the card is laid out.    


New Flor Rug Brightens my Dining Room

*I was a sent a rug from Flor. A freaking rug. It is so awesome. I want you all to be aware that they sent it to me (as the FTC requires) but I also want you to know my unbiased opinion of the Flor rug…I heart the heck out of it.
plain dining spaceWe have been VERY slow to decorate our new house.  I want to decorate every single room.  With new pieces.  So it has become too expensive, overwhelming and well, I’ve just stopped.  So this had been our dining area.  This old blue rug was so plain and with the bare walls, the space was just so boring!  So Flor offered me a rug to brighten up the space.  DONE.  Send that bad boy over.

FLor-tiles-to-installSo I just went for it.  I don’t think I looked at their site for more than a few moments before I found the look I wanted.  Oops, I forgot to ask my husband for his opinion.  I had been looking at rugs online for a month and couldn’t decide on one.  But when I saw this, I just knew!  I had to have it.   And spoiler alert, my husband ended it up liking it too.

laying-out-the-pattern-for-our-flor-rugI put the rug together in about 20 minutes, one evening, while the kids were out playing in the front yard.  It was super easy to lay out the tiles and figure out my pattern (this rug used 4 different  patterns but you could also find one that just uses one pattern and wouldn’t require any preplanning of the design).


It was SO easy to put together.  Their little stickers are marked to make lining the tiles up super easy.  And the adhesive is designed to get stickier, later.  So you literally can’t screw it up.  I love things like that!

Flor bright rugAnd now my dining room is bright and fun.  I had wanted to put up some art on the walls prior to shooting this so the room would be 100% done.  But the hubs and I couldn’t agree.  So now there is custom framing that needs to happen.  That could take a while.  So just imagine this room with super rad art on it.

rainbow and black and white stripesI kind of love this rug so much.  You might remember I am in a huge black and white phase right now and I don’t think I could have found a rug pattern that let me have my stripes but also brought the color.  And how darling does my new runner from A Sunny Afternoon look?!  I had to have it when I saw it.  I knew it would go perfectly with my rug!

candy-maniacsAnd like moths to a flame my kids found the candy I put out for my little dining room shoot.

mouth-full-of-candyAnd ate a lot of it.

death-by-candyMaybe a little too much.

FLOR-rug-tiles-for-the-dining-roomBut I am pretty much a total dork.  I put the tiles with the most white in two of my most high traffic areas, by the kitchen door and by the back door.  But I am totally not freaked out because I could always just swap them with more colorful tiles just by cutting the sticker and using a new one to secure the tile in its new location.  Same thing with stains, since the rug is under our table and all.  If I had to, I could always order a new tile to replace a really soiled on.  Just one tile.  Not a whole new rug.  GENIUS!

When it comes to sponsored posts, I truly am a consumer first.  I had always be curious about the Flor system and was so grateful to have a chance to try it out first hand.  They gave me a rug but I really got so much more.  They helped me feel more like myself in my own home.  They helped me want to invite people in to my home again and helped make the dining room not feel like the last place on earth I want to be.  So in my opinion, this was a remarkable experience for me and I truly love the rug!

Teacher’s Birthday Desk Decoration

We are just in kindergarten so the only teacher information that I have picked up so far is based on one teacher.  We are celebrating her half birthday this week since her birthday is in the summer.  I sneaked a peak at possible decorating areas when I volunteered in the classroom the other day and noticed that there is VERY little space on the desks, walls, tables, etc. to put decorations.  I know that she isn’t at her desk much through out the day but wanted to put a little something that wouldn’t get in the way.  I came up with this idea.  Sure I could have left the rocks unpainted.  But what fun would that have been?  Everything is more fun with spray paint.  The flag was quickly stamped with a stamp set found in the Target dollar section.  And you know you have 200 glass votive holders just hanging around.  No?  That is just me?  This is super easy, super inexpensive and doesn’t take up any room on the desk.  I also put one of my beverage containers in the teacher’s lounge with some of that “baby shower” punch, you know, sherbet (but please read that as sherbert) and lemon-lime soda (in my opinion, store brand lemon-lime soda works best.  Do NOT use 7-UP, Sprite, etc. and NEVER ever even think about using a diet lemon-lime soda.  If you do your guests will think that you hate them.)  It worked perfectly during their lunch hours because the punch gets better as the sherbet melts.  My set up was super cute but I forgot to take a photo of it.  Here is a sneak I shared on Instagram the other day.  I told my 3 year old to remind me to take a picture.  He’s totally grounded.