Setting Goals for 2014

setting-goalsI don’t do New Year’s Resolutions.  But this year I have decided that I need to set some goals for myself and for this blog.  I won’t put you to sleep with all the boring behind-the-scenes stuff that I want to do.  But I think that if I put these out there for the world to see, I might feel more inclined to hold myself to them.  Do you set goals?  Do you complete them?

Blog Goals:

} I want to really figure out what my “brand” is and redesign the blog to fit that.  I have been talking about it for a year now and haven’t made any headway.  And it is eating me up inside!  I need to make time for this.

} I want to continue to work with brands and produce great content.  I would love to try pitching some projects with companies that are a natural fit for me.

} I want to really focus on my content and figure out how to streamline my process.  Right now I cram all my blog work in to 9 hours while my youngest is in preschool and it is a struggle.  I need to create a studio area where I can create, shoot and move on without wrecking my entire house.

Creative Goals:

} I need to think about what I truly want to share with you and would if money was no object.  And then figure out how to make it happen with no money.  I have concepts and styled shoots aching to come out that don’t.  I need to make this happen!

} I need to work on my creative confidence.  I find that when I am in a group of talented women, I start to second guess my instincts and let others take the lead.  I need to remember that I am talented and have my own strengths.  So my painting might not be as good or I can’t cut in the straightest line, but I know I can do these things and do them well.  Except for drawing.  I’ve accepted that.

} I need to organize my props.  I have some amazing pieces to use in my garage but I can’t find them easily or get to some of them.  If I’m trying to streamline my process, this should be all set and ready to go so that I can get something out and then put it right back where it goes again.

} I need to make time for inspiration gathering.  Inspiration is everywhere and I need to be out in it.  I am a home body who sticks to a pretty rigid schedule with my family and work.  I need to make time to explore new places and see new things.  This will be a positive for the kids too.

Personal Goals:

} I want to take better care of my health.  I need to start exercising.  I need to commit to using sunscreen each day on myself and my kids.  And more.

} I want to really focus on the friendships that matter.  I need to make it a priority.  I want to make them a priority.

} I’ve let myself go, yo.  I hardly ever blow dry my hair and I’ve become used to seeing myself with minimal makeup.  But I feel so much better when I look better.  And while my eyebrows are blond, it is no excuse for letting them look like my Dad’s (no offense, Dad – they totally work for you!)

Dang.  That looks like a lot… But they are needed and important!  Wish me luck!

*This image is of some goal planning letterpress cards sent to me by Bing in preparation for Alt Summit.  I think these are going to help me organize my months and really prioritize.  And they are just SO pretty!  Thanks Bing!