Sweet Treats Just Because

*This post is sponsored by Rich’s Products as part of their Give Bakery Because program.  A grocer’s bakery is the convenient and ideal location to purchase delicious baked goods that can be customized for any gift giving occasion.  Rich’s and I encourage you to head to your local in-store bakery the next time you need delicious, sweet treats – or just because.  But all these opinions are mine.
Sometimes it is nice to surprise your babysitter (often my mom in law) with sweet treats while she watches my sweeties.  #givebakery //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comI totally lucked out in the mom-in-law department.  My mother-in-law, Marie,  is very good to me and my kids in so many ways and is always willing to go out of her way for us.  A few months back I asked her for some help with watching the kids one day a week so I could really focus on things that needed to get done for the blog.  She didn’t hesitate to commit and pretty much runs all over town for me taking care of the kids every Friday, so I can put together photo shoots, set up meetings or even just have a wonderful long lunch with a girlfriend.  Because she already helps me that day, I often hesitate to ask her to watch the kids on other days if something else comes up.  I never want to over step my bounds or take advantage of her and her generosity.  But she often steps in to watch the kids more than just that one day a week.  And I am forever grateful of her willingness to drop what she is doing to come help us out.  So sometimes I like to leave her a little sweet treat, just because.  Sure she gets extra love around her birthday and mother’s day, etc.  But sometimes it is nice to just let her know we are appreciate her.

Easy DIY star food picks to add flair to store-bought baked goods. #givebakery //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comI’m actually typing this post from wifi on a plane.  And if you do any sort of traveling without your family, you know that just to be able to get on the plane requires lots of planning ahead and prepping.  So the last thing I wanted to add to that prep was a lot of crafting and fuss.  I wanted to leave my Marie a little treat to thank her for picking up my slack while out of town. Since I had to make a grocery store stop anyway, I just made sure to swing by the bakery section before I checked out.  I saw a variety pack of sweet rolls, that I knew my mom-in-law would like, and knew they would be perfect to leave for her to snack on while at my house with the kids.  I didn’t have to bake it and I didn’t have to spend a lot of money.  It proved to be the perfect base for a little flair and the message that I am thankful for her.  I mean really, these picks took almost no time at all.  But they’re pretty cute, right?

DIY straw flag to tell your babysitter where to find the milk.  #givebakery //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comSince she wouldn’t be expecting treats I wanted to make sure she knew that we had ice cold milk in the fridge to go along with the rolls.  Just a super quick note on the computer, printed out and strung on a straw is all you need to elevate the store-bought goods to a truly special moment.

Leave a message and sweet treat for your mom-in-law when she's watching the kids.  Just because. #givebakery  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comI created a very quick note to let her know that I appreciate her and that the rolls were all for her.  As a blogger who often talks about entertaining I often have fun finds around the house for styling purposes.  Often my mother-in-law is told “hands off until after I shoot it.”  So this way, she would be totally clear about the intention of the baked goods.

Add easy flair to store bought baked goods for the special people in your life.  #givebakery  //  www.cupcakesandcutlery.comI am so happy that I figured out how awesome using the in-store bakery is.  With just an extra second of effort, you can turn pre-made treats in to something fantastic.  Do you have a go-to store-bought bakery item? Next time you are at the store, I encourage you to pick up a package of goodies and give them to someone.  Just because.  Head to Pinterest to see more easy ideas for personalizing these ready-to-go treats!

A quick note about the pattern used for the decorations.  I find most scrapbook paper unappealing so I sometimes make my own papers at home.  Ban.do had posted about their new patterns a while back and I remembered seeing the swatch. I simply printed it out for me to use because it made my eyes happy.  It is not a pattern I created nor am I suggesting you use it willy nilly.

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Congrats to Neiddy and Laura, my two winners!

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  1. Sharon, you’re so thoughtful! It’s a toss up between the husband and the pup. Okay okay, it’s really my husband who takes the prize. He’s witty and usually makes light of situations I take too seriously.

  2. My son makes my day(s) better. I never know what to expect from day to day with him — it’s always a new experience and fun new things that we experience together.

  3. Hi Sharon, this is your mom-in-law! So now that I am no longer sobbing from the wonderful post, thanks is in order. But let me say, I have never sat on a baby. And when I visit with my grand angels it’s just that. We visit, play, tickle, I try to understand mindcraft etc, we play games, eat things we shouldn’t and just enjoy each other (I think). My buttercups want to know how many babies are in my belly (I’m a bit overweight) and think my socks make my feet look like potatoes (support hose). But I’m ok with that. Oh, what was the question? My family all make my life better. My parents, children (our daughter and son in law are just our kids too) and even the grandkids would be at our sides in a heart beat to make life easier. We are VERY lucky to have the support system we have. :)

  4. Oh probably husband. Case in point, yesterday I had a cup of regular coffee at 4 pm and henceforth was up until 4:30 in the morning. He worked from home for a bit this morning and let me sleep until 9. A rare, but super nice gesture.

  5. Loved reading this! You really appreciate your mother-in-law which is wonderful! I don’t often take the time to tell people just how thankful I am for them and need to more often. For me, I’d probably get something special for my in-laws and my mom. They are all SO willing to help with our son anytime. I’ve heard other friends talk about grandparents not wanting to watch children, have them for a weekend etc… Can’t imagine that! Both sets of grandparents BEG us constantly to have our child for the day, overnight, a weekend and are always willing to take him so we can go on a nice little vacation. We’re very lucky!

  6. I love that you take the time to appreciate the people that mean alot to you, not many people “get that” but you rock, so I’m not surprised. ;) I would say for me it would be my daughter, she is my lil BFF and keeps me from losing my mind. She jumps right in if I need something done and she’s always there with her infamous hugs when I’m having a rough day. ;)

  7. Awe, this is so sweet! I love how much you love your mom in law. I talk to my sister everyday and she makes everything better, even though she’s far away she’ll hop on a plane the moment I really need her. Last week I told her she was past due for a visit so she’s booking a flight to spent 7 days with me this Summer and I can’t wait to spoil her. :)
    Writing this post on the airplane, you go girl!

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