Surprise Birthday Party for Dad!

invite to b's party

My husband’s birthday is in November and I always ask my two boys what they want to get their dad.  Their ideas are usually Legos (my oldest) and toilets (it is my youngest’s go-to answer for everything right now…no idea why.)  But then, my oldest said that he wanted to throw him a surprise party.  Since I love a good party I said yes.  BUT, I told my son that he was going to do the whole thing.  Above is the invite we sent out to family (it wasn’t a HUGE party so I could relinquish control).

decoration for dad's birthday partySome of you may have seen this on Instagram.  I love it.  He picked out the colors and did all the decorating.  I purchased a couple of items to give it a little pizazz but he and his brother and cousins did all the amazing artwork.  P.S. there were bits and pieces of that small tissue garland all over the house stuck to things with washi tape.  It was amazing.

dad's surprise partyAlthough I controlled the menu and bar, he wrote some food signs including this one.  I will help translate in case you can’t read his six year old writing.  “Make a whiskey sour or an apple cider whiskey or juice box.”  Complete with a guy holding a cocktail shaker.  He totally nailed the details.  By the way, the apple cider whiskey cocktail was delicious!  I used this one.  Do it!

surprise party for dad chocolate cake

We kept the menu simple with slow cooked bbq chicken sandwiches on King’s Hawaiian Rolls with my husband’s favorite chips and homemade apple sauce.  My son asked his aunt to bake a chocolate cake and my mother-in-law made my husband’s favorite chocolate cream pie.  We also tried out a chocolate chip panetonne which was amazing!!!  It was such a fun night.  There was an extra special energy from the kid’s excitement.  It was awesome to do an easy-going, un-fussy party for once.  And my husband absolutely loved it.  :)


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