Surprise! Allergy Friendly Easter Treats

I made an early morning run to the grocery store today.  Because I didn’t have the kids with me, I was able to peruse the holiday candy aisle.  Do you avoid it with your kids like I do?  I try not to give them too much candy (although my candy cupboard would say I like to keep it close by) but also, my oldest son always wants what he can’t have.  With his food allergies, he can usually not have the holiday staples like candy corn at Halloween or conversation hearts at Valentine’s Day.  Jelly Beans are also sometimes hard to find.  But then I saw these Dum Dum suckers!  They have a jelly bean inside!  I am very fond of the Dum Dums as I know that they are allergen friendly.  My heart swells when I see them at kid hair salons, the bank or kid’s sports snack bars because I know that for a minute, my kid gets to have the same treat as everyone else.  AND they are delicious.  AND they are small, so kids usually eat them all up before they get tired of them and they end up stuck to the back of my shirt or a chair or something.

The bag has about 10 lollipops in raspberry, grape, watermelon, apple and “mystery” and the inside of each pop contains a jelly bean!  So fun!  These would be perfect for an Easter party!  And don’t forget to keep a stash of the everyday Dum Dums at home for your next pinata or party for those kid’s with special dietary needs.

My youngest son was my tester.

It made him this happy!!!  Dum Dum suckers are made by Spangler Candy company and I heart them.  They make a few other candies that are also allergen free (I’m looking at you Circus Peanut – which to date, are the only peanut my son has ever eaten).  Jump over and take a gander at their allergen info.  Sending you a telepathic hug Spangler Company!!!







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