Stark Raving Wines Equals True Passion

white wineIt is no secret that I like wine.  And I have always wanted to go wine tasting.  I live in California for goodness sake.  We have some of the best wine producers in the country all right here.  So until I can get to a real wine tasting retreat, I make an effort to try new wines, or rather, new to me wines.

Stark Raving BottleI had the opportunity to try some Stark Raving wines recently.  I love their marketing and graphics.  The wine is quite tasty as well.  But when I read up on the wine maker, John Kane, I learned of his life passion to make wine.  Being passionate about how you make your living is very important to me and I love to support those that make it happen for themselves.  And that is John Kane.  I encourage you buy a bottle in an effort to support someone making a career of doing what they love.  And while you are enjoying the wine (the white is my fave!) think about what you are passionate about but aren’t doing as a career.  What is holding you back?

Stark Raving Wines RedStark Raving has 4 wines to choose from and you can check out tasting notes on each of them on the website to help you figure out which one you might like best.  Also be sure to check out The Wine Bar for recipe pairings.  How delicious do these Bacon Bites sound?  Best when paired with the Stark Raving Malbec.  I wish Mr. Kane much success and look forward to watching what he does next!

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