Splurge vs. Save



sparkling wineShhhh.  Don’t tell anyone.  I’m guessing that most other bloggers are guilty of this little switcheroo too.  My shoots happen in the morning when I have the best light in my kitchen.  And while this might be prime mimosa time, it’s usually not practical to drink the drinks you need to pour for your styled shoot.  So while I may use a higher end brand in some of  the photos (La Marca is only $10 at Costco so I guess it isn’t really higher end – but it super yummy and I actually like to drink it) the bottle is not actually opened.  Instead, I swap out a less expensive one (in this case about $5) to use in the detail shots because then I feel better pouring it out.  What are your tricks?



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    I need to get a Costco membership! I think I pay some where between $13 – $15 for La Marca, which is why I would never poor it out :)

    I think my biggest trick is I half recipes when I’m baking. Unless I have friends coming over or a party to attend there’s no reason my hubs and I need to have 24+ cupcakes in our house at any given time. That’s way too much temptation! So I look for recipes that have an even number of eggs, because it’s really hard to divide an egg, and just adjust recipes accordingly.


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