Sidecar Doughnuts in Costa Mesa

sidecar doughnuts in costa mesaIt seems like all I have been doing lately is eating.  First I went out-of-town and had to try all those new-to-me places (and you know I am going to share ALL of that with you).  And then I had a house guest, in full vacation mode, that needs to try new things too.  What is great about her visit is that it has allowed me to try a bunch of places, in my area, that I have been wanting to try but hadn’t made time for.  Like Sidecar Doughnuts in Costa Mesa.  It’s all over Instagram and I knew I would end up there at some point.  As is our tradition when K stays with my family, we head down to Corona Del Mar for a breakfast picnic.  So we grabbed the kids, headed to Sidecar and then ate donuts overlooking the ocean.  Not a bad little morning.

breakfast picnic with donuts in corona del marIt was a chilly morning so the boys wrapped themselves up in a blanket.  I just love those faces.  And yes, that is a box of store-bought donuts you see.  My oldest can’t eat donut store donuts on account of the devil peanuts that are usually around so I got him his own box of waxy chocolate goodness.

cinnamon crumb donut from sidecarThis right here, is where it’s at.  Sidecar’s cinnamon crumb donut.  Sensational.

monte cristo donut from sidecar And the Monte Cristo donut? FTW!  Ham, jam and glazed perfection.  I will totally be going back for this again.  And they also have a super adorable truck that you can rent for events serving their hot donuts.

milk with donutsReason 7788 that I love K – she usually orders a glass of milk with her dinner.  How cute is that?!  But she was a bit cranky with me on this particular morning because I only ordered myself a coffee.  And let’s talk for a minute about the coffee.  Sidecar serves Stumptown Coffee.  I’m not sure if you have heard about but all I knew about it is that is all hipster-y and super cool.  I’m not kidding, I think that was the best cup of coffee I have ever had!  Which made me feel even worse for not getting one for K.  And I’m totally going back to get the Stumptown Cold Brew.

exercise-next-to-donut-eatingIt was not lost on us that there was a woman doing exercises right next to us as we ate a bajillion donuts.  We tried the strawberry, huckleberry, vanilla bean, salted chocolate, and maple bacon along with my two favorites that I noted above.  The flavors were subtle and not super sweet.  So if you are looking for that rich, sweet glazed donut from your local donut shop, you will not find something like that here.

corona del mar breakfast picnic

The boys ended their picnic with a little Gangnam Style on a bench.  Have you tried Sidecar Doughnuts yet?

Not sponsored but boy do I wish it would have been.  I think I’ll take out an ad for the blog:  Now accepting donut sponsors!



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    The donuts look great… but, Stumptown. Now you’re talking about my area of the world. You gotta come out and visit Portland and get the stuff right from the roasters themselves!

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    Umm…might need to try those ASAP. I haven’t had a doughnut in years because I typically don’t love the super sweet, melt your teeth kind :) added to my OC things to try list!

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