She as cold as ice (with her ice straw)

There is nothing I like better than classic rock in the summer. Especially when I’m sipping drinks out by the pool. But very quickly, your drink warms up, and you are feeling less refreshed and more like one of those greenish hot dogs you see at the movie theater…But the other day I spotted these ice straws on Rare Bird Finds. Genius. You put the straw form in to the tray and fill with water (or other beverage of choice). Freeze and your done. Makes between 4-6 straws at a time (info on this tray is somewhat questionable) and is available at Amazon. Don’t want to buy this tray, Apartment Therapy has a tutorial on how to make ice straws using a different, more likely cheaper, ice stick tray from Ikea.

photos via Amazon
*This is likely to be my last post of the week and quite possibly next week. Our scheduled moving days are Sunday and Monday. I’m expecting to be busy unpacking, fighting with my husband over proper placement of wall hangings and figuring out what to do about our couch which is too large for the living room…


  1. Cupcakes and Cutlery says:

    Maysem, I think you should be able to drink through the straw. Your lips might get cold and I do get a vision of when that kid gets his tongue stuck to the flagpole in "A Christmas Story." But I think the answer would be yes!

  2. Are you able to drink from the ice straw too? It doesn't look like it, but thought to ask anyway:)

  3. Love this! Just in time for my amazon order today…the boys will get a kick out of this, oooh what if we try it with the flavored water… Hmmm

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