September Loves

freesiaWhen I bought these flowers, I didn’t even know what they were called Freesia.  I adored the color and after I got them home I realized that they smelled AMAZING!  I’m not a fan of having flowers in my house on account of my horrific allergies.  But I totally made an exception for these.  Do I dare call these my favorite flower?


zippered-bag-from-prism-boutiqueHow rad is this zippered pouch I picked up from Prism Boutique in Long Beach!  The back side is a suede or suede-like material.  There is a tag that says it was made in Guatemala and I imagined planning a trip there in search of more gorgeous accessories.  But I could really just go back to Prism which is the coolest boutique with the most amazing clothes.  I’m dying to go back!

mayer-hawthorneHave you guys heard of Mayer Hawthorne?  I’m kind of obsessed.  I heard a song on the radio and loved the sound so I Shazamed it.  It was this guy and the song was called ‘Wine Glass Woman’.  His voice is reminiscent of Donald Fagan of Steely Dan, but the music has this really cool R & B vibe.  I came home and bought the album “Where Does this Door Go?” SO GOOD.  The whole thing.  I’m freaking out over ‘Crime’ featuring Kendrick Lamar.

stacy's-bake-shop-vanilla-pound-cake-crispsWhat?!  As if I needed another tasty snack food from Stacy’s to fill my head.  I found these at the super market and of course had to try them out.  YUM!  I’m totally going to make a sweet bruschetta with these.  Oh yeah, and they also work really good in the Churro Cream Cheese Fruit Dip…

grapefruit-juiceThis month I can’t stop drinking grapefruit juice.  It can’t be any grapefruit juice though.  I have found that the Trader Joe’s brand is the perfect amount of bitter for me.  I’m not getting crazy and drinking like a gallon a day or anything but I’m really enjoying it and can’t believe I’ve never really tried it before.  Where the heck have I been?

All images are mine except for Mayer Hawthorne.


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