Sage at The Aria in Las Vegas

Sage at Aria in Las VegasYou may remember me talking about Sage restaurant, classified as Artisinal American, in my wrap up post about my Trend Tribe Influencer Weekend in Las Vegas.  But I wanted to get in to a little more detail.  This place was amazing!  I promise to bookmark a thesaurus site for works other than amazing but it really was. Sage Amuse Bouche CocktailWe walked in to this adorable little cocktail set up at a reserved table in the bar area.  The general manager explained that because of the care that goes in to making each and every cocktail from their menu, it can take several minutes before your drink comes out.  So they created and ‘amuse bouche’ cocktail!  I’m totally obsessed with this!  That level of service is unmatched.  They don’t want you to wait for your drink, so they give you a drink!  And it’s good too!  It is called ‘Pink Lemonade’ and is made with Beefeater Gin, Lillet Rose, lemon juice and simple syrup.  YUM!!!!!  They have come up with a way to have the cocktail made and then they pour it slowly over ice to cool it down when it is time to drink it.  They pour it through an absinthe balancier dripper and I totally need to get one.  I’ve checked around and they run between $50-$80 a piece!  But one will certainly show up on my Christmas list this year.  And I’m probably going to force every single person who walks through my door to drink something just to use it all the time. Barrel aged cocktailsI read a lot of food and beverage magazines.  I love when I actually get to try out a technique or trend that I first read about.  These large batch barrel aged cocktails are one such trend.  I was especially excited to find out that this whiskey version, as seen on our table, was made with Hudson, my favorite brand of whiskey!  The cocktail was delicious.  Smooth with subtle nuances of oak, vanilla and spice. Moscow Mule from Sage Las VegasThe Moscow Mule was my go-to drink this summer.  I’m heavily in to the bold flavor of ginger and it is super refreshing.  At Sage, they kick everything up a notch.  With a special contraption imported from Italy, they can carbonate any liquid.  So our ginger beer was carbonated table side for us.  These touches really raised the bar for normal cocktail service.  You HAVE to check it out when you are in Vegas! Cocktail Table and appetizers at Sage Las VegasAlthough I didn’t spend time in the main dining room, the bar area was a really cool place to be with a group of people.  The cocktails were mind-blowing and the bar menu was sensational.  We tried foie gras creme brulee, sashimi and a pork tenderloin dish that just stopped you in your tracks.  Sage knows how to give you an exceptional dining experience.  I will definitely head back there next time I am in Vegas to see what other tricks they have up their sleeves!

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