Prepping for Alt Summit : Travel Fashion

alt  summit travel fashion

Holy Moly.  Alt Summit is coming up SO fast.  While it isn’t a fashion blogger conference, personal style is a huge part of the design-centric attendees.  I’ll admit, it adds a fair amount of pressure to putting your wardrobe together.  It lead me to reaching out to Nicole of The Wardrobe Code for help.  I am halfway through a four week online workshop with her.  And it is giving me so much more than the wardrobe planning help that I thought it would.  I will be doing a full post on the experience in early February and you will want to read it!!  It has been eye-opening and nothing short of amazing.  What she has taught me so far was totally brought in to play as I started thinking about what I might want to wear on the plane.  Of course you want to be comfy.  And since I am ALWAYS cold I want to be warm too.  But it also about finding a balance of items and not looking sloppy.  I would feel confident stepping off the plane in this, ready to meet “friends” in real life for the first time.  Not sure what I’m going to do about the COLD weather in SLC.  I usually end up looking like the kid from The Christmas Story…What do you usually wear when you travel?

Button Up Shirt  .  Turquoise Pants  .  Plaid Jacket  .  Black Booties  .  Frends Headphones


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