Preparing for Game Day

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Tide through their partnership with Circle of Moms. While I was compensated to write a post about Tide Plus Febreze Freshness Sport, all opinions are my own.

m-and-soccer-ballWe are still a few weeks out from school starting.  So while we are relishing the last few weeks of lazy summer days and sleeping in we are also starting to look forward to all the things that fall has to offer.  Like soccer!!  My youngest son is finally old enough to play and he couldn’t be more excited.

catching-a-soccer-ballAlthough he doesn’t have his uniform yet, he likes to put on my oldest son’s old uniform and practice.

soccer-cleatsHe gets so excited over how high the socks go on his little legs.  And of course he loves to wear his cleats.

looking-at-the-bottom-of-his-cleatsHe said it feels like he is wearing high heels when he has the cleats on because it makes him taller…

mean-soccer-faceThis is his mean soccer face.

kicking-soccer-ball-2I’m really hoping that he likes playing soccer more than his older brother did.  My husband is a soccer lover and was nearly devastated when my older son said he didn’t want to play anymore.

getting-ready-for-game-dayI had no idea what to expect years ago when we had first signed up. Our games were on Saturdays and they started at different times.  Sometimes as early as 8 am.  Seriously, people.  No one needs to play soccer that early.  And for some reason, I was always scrambling before the games trying to track down all the pieces of his uniform.  This time I am going to be far more organized.  To prepare for game days, I will have his uniform set out, ready to go, the night before.  I will know where both shoes are I will make sure that the shin guards, which he has been wearing on his arms all week as a robot, are accounted for.

to-take-for-soccer-gamesI will make sure that the folding chair I borrowed from my parents for soccer games is in the car or, at least, by the door (this one is so cool, it has a pop up canopy on it to help keep my sensitive skin out of the sun).  I will have our insulated bag packed with waters and snacks, ready to go, so I just need to add an ice pack in the morning.

sunglasses,-coffee-and-sunscreenI will have my insulated coffee mug on the counter by my Keurig.  I will have the sunscreen out and ready to be used and taken with us for reapplication.  And I will have my sunglasses with me even if it starts out totally overcast.  It doesn’t always stay overcast.  I learned that one the hard way.

coachs-soccer-bagAnd since my husband has signed up to coach, I will make sure his bag is ready to go as well.  He is in charge of all the medical release forms for our team and other important gear so it is imperative that we have it all with us at each practice and game.

And once the game is over, I will immediately do a load of laundry with my son’s uniform and my husband’s coaching clothes.  It is amazing how smelly little boys can be.  And you know how funky your husband can end up.  While he won’t be as sweaty as when he plays in his adult soccer league, he will most def be sweating with those kids.  Being the mom to two active little guys and married to a sporty man, I’m excited that Tide has a new product, Tide Plus Febreze Freshness Sport, to help get soiled sports clothes clean and fresh.  It is formulated to fight sports related stains like grass, clay and blood (I just dare some kid to make my son bleed.  I don’t want to get all mama bear on them, but…).  And the Febreze helps leave a fresh, clean scent.  When the laundry is done, I’ll have the uniform set aside for next week’s game and I’ll feel all organized and on top of it.  I’m sure that feeling will last all of five minutes before my household gets out of control again.  What fall sport are you looking forward to?  How will you prepare?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Tide through their partnership with Circle of Moms. While I was compensated to write a post about Tide Plus Febreze Freshness Sport, all opinions are my own.



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    Your son is adorable and I love his mean soccer face!

    Tide is pretty awesome… It does work on all those little boy stains that my son seems to get all over his clothes.

  2. says

    These photos are the cutest! My little man has the same super hero lightning bolt underwear. He’s just now potty training, but he loved seeing a “big boy” wearing them here too!

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