Photoshoot Styling is Messy

dirty-side-of-blogging-logoStyled photo shoots are pretty but just out of the frame is a beautiful mess of props at the ready. Image via @melisscCreates  // www.cupcakesandcutlery.comToday I’m sharing what it really looks like when photoshoot styling for a blog post.  This photo was sent to me by my friend Melissa of Melissa Creates.  Often, your table is no where near the place it should be.  You drag it over to the closest window and pretend that your dining table is really situated in your fabulous, glowing dining room and not in the middle of your living room.  And you have other props ready to go lying just outside the frame.  So while you table is all party, your couch is all business.  Here is her finished post with the rest of the styled photos.

And did you know that Melissa opened a shop?  Well she did.  Go check it out!



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    This is awesome and SO true! Every time I do a styled anything, my office, dining room, buffet, bar, kitchen counters and tables are a HOT mess after!

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      I’ve had to really make an effort to put everything away when I’m done with it. I usually get too lazy and there is a huge pile somewhere of lots of pretty things. :)

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    This is the truest post I’ve ever seen. Yesterday I had 20 minutes to take photos of guacamole and it was not pretty. Avocado flying everywhere. I was definitely sweating. It wasn’t pretty. Posting this on my FB page!

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