Personal Style – Coming in to Focus

personal styleYes.  This picture is blurry.  But there is a reason I decided to use it anyway.  I think it perfectly sums up where I’m at with finding my personal style.  You remember I did a style coaching session right?  And while I came away with an end goal of how I want to dress, there is a definite transitional phase as you really get the hang of what fits in your style profile.  This photo was taken when I went to a blog networking event.  This was a real risk for me.  Although I LOVE the dress (my friend Carole gave it to me and it fit me like a glove) I haven’t worn a dress that short in years.  I know, it’s not even that short.  But it was out of my comfort zone.  But I paired it with my favorite pair of black booties and felt like I looked pretty cute.  I paired it with a black leather jacket of my husbands that has a black sweat material hood.  I felt like it perfectly fit the look that I love:  a little rock, a little tough, casual, put together.  So while this outfit worked it is still not super easy for me to put outfits together.

I still find things in my closet that do not belong.  I really need to do another round of cleaning out.  Every time I walk in, I see things, that while they are cute, they don’t belong in my closet.  This will continue to be an ongoing process.  And I find it really exciting!  It is such a great way to learn more about myself.  And while before I assessed my style, I loved fashion, it is almost more fun now when I see something that I just KNOW is my style.  So I’ll keep plugging away.  Do you have a clearly defined sense of style for yourself?



  1. Alexandra Hedin says

    I’ve been working on this for years! It’s a process for sure, but you look ADORABLE in the photo. Love.

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