PEOPLE Magazine Giveaway Winner!

PEOPLE Magazine on NewsstandThank you to everyone who entered the PEOPLE Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive contest with Kroger!  Especially at this time of year, PEOPLE Magazine recognizes that we get extra busy but they want to remind you to take a minute for yourself.  I don’t need to be told twice.  And while this is issue has far less male eye candy than the Sexiest Man Alive issue, it does have a centerfold of Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt PEOPLE Magazine CenterfoldCan we talk for a moment about how pretty Mr. Pitt is?  The checker at my Ralph’s saw him on the cover and commented, “He seems to be getting younger.”  She’s not kidding.  He is still years away from being a distinguished silver fox and he’s dang near 50 years old!  PEOPLE Magazine has a way of getting celebs to open up and candidly share the gossip that we want to know.  I love that!

Gabby's PEOPLE Magazine articleI love that PEOPLE Magazine knows just who we, the American people, love and want to know about.  Gabby is totally America’s sweetheart.  This is the kind of news that I need.  I need the feelings, how it felt to win a medal.  Not the sordid, “my toes are wonky and I don’t get to see sunlight” that other publications feel compelled to share.

Pecan PieI am simply in LOVE with the ‘Great Ideas’ section of the magazine.  The recipes are always relatively easy, styled amazingly well and tout the celebrity chefs that share them.

Crossword in PEOPLE MagazineAnd I’m not sure if it makes me feel really smart or really dumb, but I can’t stop myself from trying my hand at the Puzzler.  I don’t stand a chance at the ones in traditional newspapers.  But pop culture trivia, I stand a fighting chance.

Style Watch Gift GuideWhile I love the Style Watch section in every issue, this one in particular is my fave.  I look forward to holiday gift guides all year long.  This Style Watch guide has some amazing finds, including items that are totally affordable.  I’m hoping that this will help me wrap up my holiday shopping.  I mostly have adults to buy for so there are plenty of ideas in here for me.  On another note, how great is Nashville?  I didn’t get in to it right at the start of the series but I’m really enjoying it!  I’m totally NOT in to country music but I like what they have done with the music on the show to not alienate me.  But since I like it that means it will probably be cancelled.  Sorry in advance.

Enjoying PEOPLE MagazineSometimes you just have to sit down, ignore the toys pooled at your feet, and take a second for yourself with your PEOPLE Magazine.  I hope that the winner of the giveaway will do just that!!!!

Yeah for Blanca!!!  I’ll be emailing you to get your mailing info!!  Thank you to everyone who entered PEOPLE Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive contest!

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