Peet’s Coffee and Tea Single Serve Cups…Yum

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Peets-coffee-single-serve-cupsA little less than a year ago I decided that I wanted to give up drinking coffee every morning.  There was no real reason why.  I think it was an effort to start living more healthy, to not drink calories (save them for my true love, the food) and not feel like a slave to the caffeine.  I began the very slow weaning process but a few days in, something hit me.  I actually really enjoy coffee and the experience of drinking it.  From then on, I decided to only drink what I loved and savor my time with my morning cup of joe (which is sometimes the only time I sit down all day).  I’m not a fan of flavored coffees, which if you own a single cup brewer (I LOVE my Keurig!) you know there are tons of super sweet flavored options on the market.  But I am always on the lookout for the brands I know and trust in single serve form.

Peets-coffee-medium-roast-single-serve-cupsWhile it may seem like Peet’s is coming late to the single serve coffee party, I really respect a company that doesn’t just put out a product to get something on the market.  They’ve taken 5 years to perfect their blends to really let the flavor stand out.  I really enjoy the Peet’s brand so when they said they would send me some to try, I couldn’t send my address fast enough.  (Does anyone remember the coffee tasting I did with them?  It was YEARS ago and my pictures were wack so I’m not linking!)

Peets-coffee-deep-roast-Single-Serve-CupsI got to try a Medium Roast, the Cafe Domingo {a touch of sweetness with a crisp finish}, and a Deep Roast, the Major Dickason’s Blend {rich with layers of flavor}, which I prefer.

peets-coffee-brewing-in-single-serve-cupI brewed up a cup of the dark brew and the smell of glorious coffee filled my kitchen.

batik-fabric-and-coffeeThere is something calming about starting my day with a cup of coffee.  I literally start thinking about it the night before.  I think about what flavor I might choose in the morning (will I surprise myself and go with a medium roast?) and what I will do while I sip it (usually emails and setting up my social media posts for the day).

pink purple obamaSingle serving cups are the best.  I love that I can quickly brew a fresh cup when a friend comes over.  Do you have a one cup maker?  Are you a dark roast kind of a gal or light roast lover?

*This is a sponsored post by Peet’s Coffee and Tea.  All opinions are mine!



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    I have done the “should I/shouldn’t I quit coffee” dance so many times. With the exception of pregnancy, I’ve given myself permission to enjoy a cup or two every day and really enjoy the ritual of sipping a hot cup of deliciousness. I get so much joy and even comfort from coffee. I’ve actually never tried Peet’s and I have a Keurig, so will definitely try to order it soon.

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