Oreos are 100 and taste like birthday cake

Man.  Oreos have been around for 100 years.  I wonder if the recipe has changed over the years?  I mean it would have to be pretty forward thinking to create a cookie with a cream center that has no cream in it and is packed with delicious chemicals (that amazingly, my multiple food allergic son can eat).  I’m not judging.  My family stuffs our mouth holes regularly with these.  We each have our own way of eating them.  And lately we’ve been cruising the cookie aisle to check out what new flavors they have come out with.  We always enjoy the colored centers for various holidays.  And the boys are fond of the strawberry ice cream ones while they make me want to vomit.  But these Birthday Cake Oreos pictured above?  Well, I would marry them if it were legal.  You know that artificial “cake” smell that candle companies have that is SUPER sweet, very vanilla-y but somehow make you still want to eat it even though it is wax?  Well these Oreos smell like that, but better!  Immediately when you open the box the smell hits you in the face like a crazy 3-year-old lacking sleep.  And you want to shovel them in to your face in an unladylike manner.  This was all the cookies in the box (minus about 3 that apparently the kids ran off with) so you don’t get as many as you do in a regular bag of Oreos.  I am not sure how long they will be around so if I were you, I would buy a few bags when you do find these.  Thank you for being born, Oreos.  You have assisted in many child bribes and for that I will always be grateful.





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    This is such a fun post – and I am desperately craving Oreos now!!! I’ve just come across your blog and loooove it – thanks for all the brilliant ideas and tips!! I’ll be coming back again and again :)



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    Those sound AMAZING! I’ll have to keep my eye out! (And I collect those cake-scented candles like crazy–they’re my favorite!)

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