Open Love Letter to Dez and Tam Photography

Desi and Tammy and FamThere are many reasons why people get in to blogging.  For me it started out as a creative outlet when I was stuck in a job that I did not love, that did not utilize my creative talents.  But it has grown in to an avenue for meeting the most amazing people.  This family is very dear to me.  Desi and Tammy, and their two precious boys, are an awesome family.  They are endlessly supportive, extremely talented and ridiculously nice people.  Their photography and the fact that they are willing to share their passion and skill with me is something I truly treasure.  If you look through the photos taken of my family over the past 2 years, my favorites were taken by them.  They have a way of capturing my kids in states of pure joy that makes me tear up every time I see them.  Their style is casual and they do minimal editing of the photos, keeping the moment real and not over processed.  The result is beautiful treasured memories.

I am going to be sharing more of the things I love on the blog.  And I love Dez and Tam Photography.  I know I have posted about them before and I will continue to.  They are amazing at what they day and should be celebrated.  If you are looking for someone to shoot a birthday party or family portraits, these are the photographers for you!

*Desi and Tammy are very kind to me and often work for me at no charge or a discounted rate.  They did not ask me to write this post.  I am writing it because in my opinion, they are the best and I want everyone to know about them!

Image Credit: Connie M. Chung Photography



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    Sharon, you are just too sweet! And, the feeling is totally mutual. You’re seriously one of the best things that’s happened to us. We heart you :)

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