On Location Shooting


shooting fashion posts on location when you have kids mean you all take a field trip.As a blogger, sometimes you have to find the right place to shoot a post.  And sometimes that means that you have to drag your kids along on a little field trip.  But they usually find a way to keep themselves busy.  Like rolling around on the sidewalk.  And trying to stand in the street with you.  You can see the final shots from this impromptu neighborhood street shoot here.

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  1. Hahaha love it! My kids think I have lost my mind sometimes….. “why are we stopping on the side of the road and taking pics in field mom?” But now, they mostly don’t ask “why” anymore …. they just think I’m crazy! PS …. Love the pics!

  2. I always have to remind my husband, “make sure there isn’t a telephone pole or garbage can directly behind me!”


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