November Loves

abuelita-hot-chocolateI LOVE cinnamon in my chocolate and I’m not sure why I have never tried Abuelita before.  I’m in love.  I’ve always felt like instant hot chocolates just totally miss the mark and are bland.  But this!  This has flavor.  I’ve also put the powder in my coffee to make a half-assed mocha.  Also delicious.  Have you ever tried it? glass-etching-creamI had come up with a cool holiday craft using glass etching.  Turns out the craft totally failed but now I’m obsessed with etching cream.  Watch out glasses everywhere!  I’m coming for you!

grandmas-recipesMy husband and I did some light reorganizing of the garage a few weekends ago and I moved my cookbooks to a plastic tote to keep them a little more protected than the cardboard box they had been in.  I don’t have anywhere to keep them in the house but this way they are a little easier to get to.  I came across my grandmother’s recipe cards that I got when she passed away.  I haven’t sat down to go through them all yet but I just feel so blessed that I get to keep this special piece of her in my home.  I don’t want to get all sappy on you but I can’t wait to copy them and pass them down to my nieces when they are old enough.

ted-baker-bagAnd you guys!  I’m totally a winner.  I won this rad Ted Baker handbag from a contest on  I Can Style U.  It’s gorgeous!  I die for this bow and little gold details.  It also comes with a detachable strap so I can wear this cross body.

ted-baker-liningAnd could the lining be any cuter!?

#disneyholidaysThis past week my family got to preview the holiday features that Disneyland and California adventures has right now.  While I will be doing a full post to recap I simply had to mention Haunted Mansion Holiday in this November Loves post.  You guys!  The old Haunted Mansion has been decked out in Jack Skellington’s version of the holidays.  And the prints, patterns and colors are freaking amazing!  This was the best photo I could grab while the ride was moving and while I was also snuggling my 5-year-old who had been a little apprehensive to be on the ride in the first place.  If you are local you HAVE to ride this!  And I am going to subtly start coaxing my husband in to letting me decorate our house like this year round…Wish me luck.  See my post on all the rad holiday features at The Disneyland Resort over on Savvy Sassy Moms.


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