My To-Do List Just Got a Whole Lot Longer

Plane TicketLast week I traveled to Salt Lake City for Alt Summit.  It was a life changing trip for so many reasons and I can’t wait to share all of those things with you.  I had planned on getting home and implementing all kinds of changes and making all kinds of magic happen.  But I walked in to a filthy house with a husband who has the flu and two of the cutest little boys who just want to snuggle their mama.  While it might not sound like a great ending to a marvelous trip, it was perfect.  It reminded me that no matter how I want to grow my brand or blog, I’ve got three of the most important priorities right here.  I’m no less excited to make my blog what I had always hoped it would be but I just need to do it on my family’s terms.

Alt Summit is AwesomeAside from learning a ton, I fell in love with the city, met loads of the best gals in person and met some truly remarkable brands who are doing big things.  I’ve got a bazillion photos to get through and you know I like to share…I should have some posts ready to go next week!



  1. says

    It was great to meet you in person Sharon! I had one of those weeks too where I didn’t really get to do much of what I wanted but like you said, being there for my family is the most important. Good luck on all your endeavors! Dream big! :)

    • Sharon Garofalow says

      So glad to meet you too!! I will dream big and I look forward to teaching my kids to do that too! Let’s keep in touch for sure!

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