My kids are Raskullz

This past Friday my boys were in a photo shoot for Raskullz! It was a super fun experience.  We are going to ignore that these pics were taken with an Iphone.  The day of the shoot was POURING (Tony! Toni! Tone! were wrong.  It DOES rain in Southern California) and I just didn’t have room for my real camera.  Especially on account of all the bribes I had packed just in case.

So Raskullz is this awesome company bringing the fun and cool to kid’s outdoor play.  Because this shoot had a bunch of new products that aren’t out yet, if you see something you like and can’t find it, email the company or check back in a few weeks.  SO much good stuff coming out.  I had only known them as a helmet company (bike and snowboard) as my youngest got the shark helmet for Christmas (freaking awesome, by the way).  But they also sell bikes, skateboards, scooters, backpacks in different styles and elbow and knee pads.  How rad is that bike my son is on?  That head on the front is actually a compartment!

By far, this dino scooter was my youngest son’s favorite.  There was no way for the producers of this shoot to know how many dinosaur toys we have at home.  But this was a great introduction in to the shoot.  What I loved about their products is that they really thought about it and gave options for several age groups.  This scooter was perfect for my 3 year old.  But they had others that would be better suited for older kids.  Same with bikes, etc.

I’m pretty sure that each of my kids tried on every one of these helmets.  Multiple times.  And I’m not going to lie, I had my eye on this adorable girl’s helmet with a tiara that I really thought would look cute on me.  My photos don’t show the real stars of the Raskullz show, though.  And that is the characters on the products.  I don’t think you’ll be surprised to find out that some of the design team came from Paul Frank.  These guys are excellent at what they do.  They design cool, cute, age appropriate characters and understand what little boys are in to and what a little girl would be drawn to.  And prices are right.  About $25 for a helmet, about $70 for a bike.  Totally doable.

What!  This bag is rad!  The kids were really drawn to this product too.  With school lockers being a thing of the past and dumb school test scores and yucky amounts of homework, this rolling bag is perfect for your school age kids.  But I would use it for over nighters for the boys.  You hear that, Grandma Marilyn, who is about to retire…Get the beds ready.  They offer regular style backpacks too, which will be perfect for my preschool age son who brings home a single hand print picture every day.

Thank you to the Raskullz team!!  We had such a fun time at the photo shoot and had so much fun checking out the products!

Check out their website for more info!

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This was not a sponsored post.  Raskullz, in my opinion, are awesome.









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