My kids ARE Creative!

pretend fightingMost of the time my two boys are just that.  Boys.  They are spies.  They are ninjas.  They are soccer stars.  They fart.  But lately my younger son has been saying he wants to be an artist when he grows up.  That made me SO happy!  Turns out he meant archeologist.  But still.  Pretty cool.  But I wondered if they would end up to be creative the way my husband and I are.

creative way to plan outfitsI’m thinking the answer is yes.  The other night I walked in to my youngest son’s bedroom to find this.  The boys had decided to plan their outfits for the next day.  I really liked his addition of accessories with the hat and sunglasses.

outfit planningApparently my older son actually started this outfit planning exercise.  And no.  He didn’t wear those green soccer shorts to school.  At the time, I was folding laundry and those were the only shorts left in his drawers.

jeans and bootsI can’t wait to see their creativity come out in crazy ways, like this, as they grow up.  And I can’t yet pigeon-hole them as the “smart one” or “funny one” or “creative one” because they are all of them and the talent seems to be evenly distributed.  Are your kids creative like you?



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