My Favorite Gift – a Becomb Bracelet

rose gold and black becomb watch braceletMy birthday was a few months ago but I wanted to share one of the presents my husband got me.  It looks like a watch, right?  It is actually a bracelet and here is the story behind it.  He first handed me a card and told me to read it.  I quickly scanned it, as you do when there is a wrapped present waiting to be opened.  Kind, sweet words filled the card.  I opened up the gift and just looked at it.  Like, what?  So he summed up what the card had said, had I paid attention.  He told me that he could tell that I was really enjoying my blog right now and all the things that go along with it.  And when you are doing something that you love, time shouldn’t matter.  Hence, it is not a watch but rather a piece of jewelry to remind me to keep going on the track that I am passionate about.  The time it takes to get there should not matter and it shouldn’t feel like work to get there.  Remember the journey.  How rad is that?

rose gold and black stingray jewelry braceletThis bracelet, by Becomb WARNING THERE WILL BE A PRETTY SEXY PIC WHEN YOU CLICK OVER.  NOT GROSS BUT IF YOU HAVE A 13 YEAR OLD SON BY YOU, THEY WILL PROBABLY LOVE IT (pronounced be – comb), is rose gold with a stingray band.  It is gorgeous in person and I absolutely love wearing it.  I hadn’t heard about this brand before but love their philosophy.  Watch this quick video for more of their story.

becomg bracelet black and rose goldIt comes in a few different colors but I am in LOVE with the rose gold.  I am truly lucky to have a husband who supports what I do 100 percent.  This bracelet is a symbol of that love and the journey that my life is on to live fully and passionately.  What are you most passionate about?

Images take by Lauren



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    That is one of the most lovely and thoughtful gifts I’ve ever heard about. Your husband kind of ROCKS. So sweet. And, happy belated birthday lady!

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    Very sweet! I’ve thought the same thing about watches and clocks before. I love the chunkiness of a watch without the ticking time standing in the way of just enjoying the moment. Great gift!

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      And funnily enough, no one has asked me for the time yet while I’m wearing it. :) Because that is going to be a little odd when they do ask… I’m going to have to tell them a story. :)

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