My bathroom is guest ready thanks to Kleenex Hand Towels

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This was my sad little guest bathroom.  We rent our home and I have no interest in taking the time to paint and really style it to my liking considering it isn’t mine.  But I do want it to be decent for our guests.  I’m super excited that one of my best friends is about to come and stay at my house for a week, but I felt like I needed to jazz up the bathroom a little bit more for her.  The other problem?  I’ve got two little boys.  Two little, messy boys.  One of which is not that far out from potty training.  Eww.  And while they mean well, I often find that they try to clean up after themselves which means there is no telling what has touched our bathroom towels.

I have used Kleenex Hand Towels before for parties, because who really wants to dry their hands on a limp, damp hand towel covered in frosting and boogers.  But I decided they made a lot of sense for a stay over house guest.  My friend is a kindergarten teacher so she’ll know exactly why I’ve provided her with this, more sanitary, option.  My kids are very curious and somewhat wasteful so I decided the perfect place for these Hand Towels would be hung high enough so they can’t reach them and use them all.

I kept the hanger really simple.  All you need is 2 pieces of yarn (2 yards each).  First, slide one piece of yarn under one side of the Kleenex Hand Towels box.  Second, make sure the box is centered on the yarn and that the ends of the yarn are even.  Third, tie a simple knot at the top of the box with the yarn.  Fourth, repeat the same thing on the other side of the box with the other piece of yarn. Fifth, gather the yarn together above the center of the box.  Sixth, tie a simple knot with all the yarn, which you will use to hang on a hook.

This is hung a bit too low, as my boys would still be able to reach it and steal all the towels.  I can easily shorten the yarn though.  I like that the hanger is super easy to store so I can put it away when our guests are gone and bring it out for our next party or overnight guest.

I also decided to try to make the bathroom a little more colorful.  I used some washi tape to dress up an otherwise super grody bathroom eyesore.  I think it turned out pretty cute.

My friend who is coming to stay with us is known in our circle for singing incorrect song lyrics.  I found some of the most misheard lyrics online and made a quick little sign to make the bathroom a bit more personal.  We like a little humor in our bathrooms.  In a previous home, we had a really large picture of my husband (we did not intentionally blow up a photo for this purpose but for a strange reason we have several large photos of my husband hanging around…) hung directly across from the toilet.  Most of our guests found it a little strange.  But they all laughed.

I put together some travel essentials that my friend might need for her stay here.  I tucked them under the sink with some spare towels so she would have everything right at her finger tips.

And since one of my sons will be giving up his bedroom for our guest and isn’t that excited about sharing a room with his little brother, I decided to get them involved with a little art project to welcome “Auntie” Kayla.

I grabbed some paints, a brand new toilet brush and some cardstock and set the boys up outside.  I encouraged them to use the brush in different ways to see what kind of looks they could create.  My favorite was using the brush as a stamp, straight up and down at the very tip, which sort of created a round, flowerish look.  But they are boys so the cool floral pattern was quickly replaced with a goopy mess.  I was able to grab this one above before it got too damaged.  They are excited to share their art with our guest and more excited to tell her about what they used to make it.  Kayla usually brings gifts so I’m sure my son will get over sharing his room really quickly. :)

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  1. says

    My friend is a kindergarten teacher so she’ll know exactly why I have provided her with this, more sanitary, option. My kids are very curious and somewhat wasteful so I decided the perfect place for these Hand Towels would be hung high enough so they can’t reach them and use them all.

  2. Leigh says

    Toilet bowl brush as a paint brush is amazing! Good thing your son is old enough to know this was a one time only tool!!

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