Music I’m loving right now – November

Rice krispy treat cake with guitarsApparently I’m in to a ton of music that leans heavily towards electronica.  I also like it to feel a little bit 80’s.

I heard the new one from Tegan and Sara this weekend and instantly fell in love with it.  It’s polished and pretty and it’s on repeat.  Paul Banks is formerly (still is??) of Interpol and his voice delights me.  I wish that it was law that he and only he did all voice over work.  For everything.  He could still sing too, but I just need to hear his voice.  Do you all know Tilly and the Wall?  You know what really sets them apart?  Tap shoes.  Yup, as musical instrument.  Rad.  This song by Haim would have fit perfectly in any 80’s teen movie.  Maybe part of a dress up montage or part of a street rap battle a la Teen Witch.  Apparently I am a big fan of Wild Nothing.  Every single time I hear one of their songs I Shazam it.  I really just need to break down and buy the album.  It is silly to find them on song at a time.  Oh, Chvrches.  How lilting and lovely is this song.  If I could only listen to one song for the rest of the month it would probably be this one.  Metronomy is just super fun and catchy and makes me and the  kids want to get up and dance.  Tanlines rocked my summer with All of Me and now Brothers is creeping up on me.  What are all of you listening to?  Share!!!




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