Max Steel Viewing Party

*I participated in this sponsored Max Steel campaign for One2One Network.  All opinions stated are my own.

mattel toysMy older son recently graduated from the Disney Channel to Disney XD.  Its totally a sign that he is getting older.  He’s not in to the shows he used to love but enjoys exploring new ones with older characters.  He REALLY enjoys television as a whole (he takes after me for sure) and while some people may frown on kids watching a lot of TV, I have seen first hand how he has picked up some advanced concepts (like cause and effect) and a pretty amazing vocabulary.  Recently he began watching the animated series, Max Steel on Disney XD.  So when this sponsored campaign came up, it was the perfect fit and I was excited to be able to include my kids.  Since the major themes of the show focus on friendship and that working together makes  you stronger, we were excited to invite a few of their neighborhood friends over for a Max Steel viewing party.

The show, Max Steel, shares the adventures of teenager Max McGrath and his alien friend, Steel.  While both have their own super powers, they realize that when they work together and combine their strengths, they transform in to a “turbo charged” superhero.  And what little boys don’t like superheros?

The boys were sent a Turbo Sword with Interactive Steel to try out and imagine what it would be like if they had “turbo power.”

max-steel-sword-by-mattelThe boys were SO excited when the sword showed up.  While my oldest was all about the sword (in his head he is a master weapons expert), my youngest immediately went for Steel.  Both boys say that Steel is their favorite part of this toy because they can pretend they are Max and because there are so many different way to play with him.  What I love about this toy (available for purchase at stores nationwide for around $29.99) is that there are many different ways to play with it, all of which encourage imagination.  The sword makes battle sounds and says phrases from the Disney series so the kids can pretend they are in the story.

new-max-steel-swordThe Steel character comes with a stand that makes it look like he is floating, much like he does in the show, but he can also be attached to the sword and your shirt to let you pretend you are Max.  When Steel and the sword come together, the sword lights up blue with “turbo energy” and offers several phrases straight from the Max Steel story lines.  The  boys were able to play with each piece separately and then takes turns using the pieces together.  From a parental point of view I like this toy.  While it does make noise, the volume is just right and the sounds are not shrill or annoying.  The built-in motion sensors weren’t over sensitve but I did manage to pick up the sword and press the activate button several times when I tried to quietly put away toys after the kids went to bed…oops.

invitation-to-the-max-steel-partyAnother way my oldest son takes after me is with party planning…  He became very involved and it was actually a really fun way to get to spend some time with him and teach him a few new things.  He decided that he wanted to create the invitation so I taught him the basics of Adobe Illustrator.  I removed some info from it above, like address and names, etc. but I think it came out really good!  He took to the program really well and even created some other party decor that we posted around the room.

Max-Steel-wall-decorWe invited 4 other neighborhood friends over on a recent Saturday afternoon for the party.  With soccer and other commitments we knew it would end up being a bit of a open-house style party.  I had been wanting to try out printing large images “blueprint” style and this was the perfect opportunity.  I took a file of the Max Steel logo to the local Kinko’s/Fed Ex and they printed it out for a little over $4.00!  I will totally be using this for parties in the future.  A recurring design element in the cartoon is the honeycomb shape so we cut some out to decorate with as well.

watermelon-water-for-the-max-steel-partyI kept the snacks really simple since it was the afternoon.  I got a download for a DIY paper treat box from Paper and Cake and added the Max Steel logo to it.  Inside I put some popcorn and a few Oreos for each kid so they could just grab one if they wanted and take it to the couch to watch the show.  I’ve been dying for the opportunity to use my new beverage dispenser from Pottery Barn.  I love everything about it!  It has a shelf on the bottom, for cups or whatnot.  In this case I placed all the action figures I was sent for the party there for the kids to choose from.  I love the shape of the dispenser and it holds SO much!  (The stand looks to be unavailable but here is a really cute galvanized metal stand you could use instead).

honeycomb-shaped-watermelon-water-for-partiesI decided to make watermelon water for the kids.  I simply cut the watermelon in to hexagons and placed them in the water about an hour before the party so it would have time to really infuse the flavor.  They loved it!  It was super refreshing and was not full of sugar like most kid’s drinks.

max steel viewing partyAs the kids arrived we let each one pick out a Max Steel action figure.  They were so excited and couldn’t get them out of the packages fast enough.  They played with them as they watched the show.  Some of the kids were not familiar with the show but the minute their action figure’s character appeared, they would go nuts.  I also put the sword out for the kids to play with and each of them wanted a chance to attach Steel to their shirt and “Go Turbo!”

Max-Steel-Viewing-Party-to-goOne of our friends wasn’t able to come to the party so we decided to take them their own little Max Steel viewing party.  We left this bundle, including the DVD, on their doorstep so that they got a chance to experience the show as well.  The kids had a blast and were beyond grateful that they got to take their action figures (available for around $5.99 each) home with them.  The interactive sword and Steel are one of my boy’s go-to toys right now and share it surprisingly well.  AND we found out that there is a Max Steel Halloween costume available this year…it is definitely a contender for each of my boys.


To find out more about the show visit  This was a super fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon and we are thankful that we got the opportunity to share this show with our friends.

*I participated in this sponsored Max Steel campaign for One2One Network.  All opinions stated are my own.



  1. Carmen says

    Thanks for sharing–awesome ideas, I think I’ll be doing the same for my soon to be 5yr old, he loves Max Steel :)

  2. says

    I have never heard of Max Steel…. but this party looks absolutely fun! With 3 girls we usually watch the more girlie shows and my son is only 3 1/2 so he doesn’t watch much outside of Disney Jr.

    Maybe we’ll have to check it out because I can only watch so many of the same episodes on Disney Jr.

  3. Maribel Reyes says

    That was very sweet of you and your family to share the fun with the guest that couldn’t make it. My almost 4 year old son just got a motorbike from Max Steel at a party and I had no idea what it was until I searched for it online. Glad they have a DVD for him, might have to add to his christmas list. :D

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