Lyric Camera Purse by Epiphanie

lyric bag by epiphanie bags


When I got my new camera, I knew that I had to take my camera bag game up a notch.  A few times, I have tried to use the smallest camera bag I can find and just put it in one of my larger purses.  But that seemed janky and not the safest for the camera.  So I started looking and fell in love with multiple Epiphanie bags.  In my opinion, these look most like a purse I would actually use. epiphanie camera bags


I thought the color would be a little more blue in person but I still really like it.  It comes with this braided shoulder strap and also a padded cross body strap.  So cool.
what's in my camera bag


In the large compartment alone, I can fit my wallet, my son’s epipen, my sunglasses and sunglass case and a pouch (a large pouch) of my necessities like lip balm, hair ties, etc (I have a lot of necessities).  Plus there are the two pockets on the front, one zippered pocket inside the bag and one on the back of the bag as well!  You are definitely not hurting for storage with this bag.  inside my camera bagThe inside of the bag is lined with a super soft material throughout and has velcro-able (yup, a word) padded dividers to section off the inside however you would like.  Having this bag has made me take my camera out more and get some really fun pictures.  I usually just bring my camera and 30mm lens but I totally have room to bring other lenses along if I ever need to.  I am totally loving it.  I highly encourage you to get a camera bag purse if you don’t have one.  I heart my Epiphanie!

*Not a sponsored post.  I just really love it.  I’d also like to mention that their customer service is awesome and shipping time is quick!  You totally have time to order it and get it before your next vacation. :)




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    I just looked at this yesterday as I need something for Alt , but ended up going with a Kelly Moore bag because it will hold a laptop too! So wish I would’ve seen this first. This bag is adorable!

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      You really should. I take my camera with me all the time now and it is so fun to practice photography. Makes me feel super creative and I absolutely love it. Crazy that a purse did that. But I was not feeling my black utilitarian camera case. It was so not cute. :)

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