Lazy Nachos are the Best Snack Ever

lazy nacho snack recipeI call these lazy nachos.  I think it is time that you get to see a little of the real me.  I’m gross.  I like really fattening foods.  Sometimes I have cookies for breakfast.  While I have a really big sweet tooth, I also love cheese.  And salt.  I still eat Pop Tarts for breakfast several times a week.  I was raised on them.  I blame my cellulite on them.  But I still eat them.  Because they taste good.

lazy nachos ingredientsYou know what else tastes good?  Chips, cheese and sour cream.  That is how I like my nachos.  But sometimes I don’t have the time to melt the cheese (in the broiler, never the microwave.  Bitch, please).  So when I need the flavors of nachos in a quarter of the time, I eat lazy nachos.

lazy nacho recipe with sour cream and cheeseDid you know that I didn’t start liking sour cream until well after college?  True story.  Same with guacamole.

easy cheese and chips snackDon’t make me list out the steps.  This is a pretty self explanatory snack.

best easy snack idea everYup.  Do it.  I’m not kidding.  You might not want to tell your friends.  They might judge you.  The best way to eat this is in your pajamas on the couch.  For dinner.




  1. kirstie says

    I’m even lazier that you… try this next time:

    Put sour cream, salsa and cheese in a bowl and mix it all together, add a sprinkling of taco seasoning for extra awesomeness.
    Dip your chips in that and thank me later.

  2. says

    This is hilarious. I could eat those all day long. I was the exact same way with sour cream, guac, and tomatoes – didn’t like them until my mid 20’s.

  3. says

    ha! I just made loaded baked potatoes and have leftover sour cream, cheese and scallions…I now know what to do with them. no shame

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