Land of Nod is Super Rad

*Hey you guys.  This post contains affiliate links.  Read on to find out what that means!

land of nod bannerUm, you guys.  Land of Nod is rad.  Did you know that?  They have never been on my radar (not that I know everything about everything but I like to think I know cool kids stuff).  Well, I take that back.  I feel like I remember looking at a catalogue around the time I was registering at Crate and Barrel for my wedding (owned by the same company).  That was 10 years ago.  It did not leave a big impression on me.  That was partially because I wasn’t even thinking of kids yet, but also the items just weren’t my style.  And so I never thought about them again.  I guess my sister-in-law (who started this blog with me) liked them because I found this post way back in 2008!  But then I started seeing them pinning some pretty cool party inspiration for their Alt Summit party.  I was excited to see what they were about.  And when I went to said party, I was blown away!  They were cool!  They were out of catalogues but I made sure to go online as soon as I got back from that trip.  Land of Nod is RAD!

land of nod cool boys room We are on the verge of buying my son a bed.  Which really makes me want to redecorate his whole room.  Here are the dream items I picked out from the site to make over his room.  How awesome are those wipe off award ribbons for the wall?  And that tiger king print?  LOVE!  I didn’t pick out a comforter because I really want to make one.  I’ve always wanted to scan his drawings and have them made in to fabric.  Cool, right?  I’m going to be sharing some of my Land of Nod faves each month.  There is SO much great stuff on the site.  And even those of us without a million dollars can find things in our price ranges.  There are also unique gift ideas!

Bed  .  Trundle  .  “O” pillow  .  Boombox Pillow  .    Stripey Sheets  .  Blue Pattern Rug  .  Elephant Hooks  .  Bucket Caddies  .  Wall Shelves  .  Treasure Box  .  Monster Wall Decal  .  Wipe Off Ribbons  .  Tiger Print

One thing I would like to add is that I signed up for their affiliate program.  What that means is that I am going to put a button on my sidebar that will take you right over to their site.  Also, the links in this post are hooked up through their affiliate program.  So if you were to purchase something, I would get a very tiny percentage.  It just makes sense.  I’m super excited about them and want you all to check out the awesomeness anyway so there might as well be some reward if you love it too!  I may or may not let you know about special sales they are having if it is something I think you would want to know about.  I didn’t want to just put up a button and not tell you the whole story.  That’s not how I roll.   I have nothing to hide.

I would love to hear what you think of Land of Nod.  I’m smitten!  Oh!  And you should check out their blog too.  So much great stuff!

*Not a sponsored post.  I fell in love when I saw the site and even more when I saw the catalogue (you guys, it is so beautifully shot and styled!!).  All opinions are mine!



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