Krochet Kids Launches Kids Hats with a Party

*Disclosure: My family was invited to a launch party event for the new children’s collection by Krochet Kids and given product.  All opinions are mine.
krochet-kids-hats-youth-for-empowermentThis past weekend my family was invited to view the new children’s collection from Krochet Kids.  Although I had heard of the brand before, I didn’t know the story behind it.  What I thought would be a fun afternoon filled with kid friendly activities turned out to be so much more.

krochet-kids-family-launch-partyFor sure, the kids had an AMAZING time with the activities the Krochet Kids team put together.  The bounce house alone would have kept them entertained but there were a bunch of other stations for the kids to experience.  Who doesn’t love drawing on the floor with chalk! (Does this drawing remind anyone else of ovaries?  No?  Just me then?  He said it was a chicken…) The boys got to make their own homemade play dough and bring it home with them.  And although he made up his own rules, my oldest was deemed hopscotch champion of the world.

activity passportsUpon arrival, the boys were handed paper passports to have stamped as they made their way through the party.  I thought that was such a great idea and I’m probably going to steal this idea for a future birthday party.  It kept them engaged and prompted them to try new things in a fun way.

krochet-kids-headquartersAfter a short video, we heard from Kohl Crecelius of Krochet Kids and Kristen Howerton, the blogger behind Rage Against the Minivan.  This is where the party turned around for me.  The video showed just how the products get made in Uganda and Peru.  It chronicled the process of making the hates and featured some of the women that do the work.  Kohl spoke of how the company got started and you got a true sense of the passion he has for helping others.  Kristen spoke of a recent trip she and her family took to one of the facilities where they got to witness, first hand, the hats being made.  In short, Krochet Kids is doing great things.  They are providing jobs, and a better way of life to so many women who would not otherwise have the opportunity.  Consider me a huge fan.

krochet-kids-m-in-photo-boothNo party is complete without a photo booth.  How absolutely darling is this owl hat?!

krochet-kids-thank-you-stationWhen the kids were done taking their photos, they were brought over to the “thank you” station.  Inside each hat is the signature of the women who made it.  I LOVE this!  You can find profiles of each of the women on the Krochet Kids site and write them a personal note.  How awesome is that.  Not only do these women get a huge sense of pride being able to put their name on their work, but they get appreciated for it too.  The notes are printed out at each facility and the women get to read the kind words from people experiencing their work first hand around the world.  It’s a small thing but means so much.  And I love that it is a super important part of the Krochet Kids process.

cool-kids-beanies-from-krochet-kidsWe were sent home with a few samples and the boys are in love.  These hats are so cute!



I’m not sure if he realizes that his beanie has hearts all over it.  But I think he can kind of pull it off.



M loves his hat too.  I found him wearing it under his helmet the other day.  I can’t wait to wear mine too!

And they don’t just make cool hats for kids and babies.  They make booties too!  The hats and booties would make great gifts for the winter months ahead.  And guess what else?!  They make other products too.  How rad is this Pike Bag?!  And my head would look super cute with The Alice headband.

Thank you for having us, Krochet Kids!  And for sharing your story with my family.  I look forward to following along with your company and the great work that you do.

*Disclosure: My family was invited to a launch party and given samples of product.  Delicious food and use of a bounce house too.  All opinions are my own.



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