King’s Hawaiian spreads aloha with a factory tour

king's hawaiian factory tourPrepare to get really jealous and hungry as you read my post.  I can say that I know with some certainty that you probably have never gotten to take a tour of the King’s Hawaiian factory.  But a few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to do just that.

fresh leis at King's Hawaiian Bread TourFrom the moment we walked in the door, the Taira family welcomed us with open arms and their friendly aloha spirit.

SHaron and Lauren at King's Hawaiian Bread TourHere are Lauren and I sipping a tropical beverage in the executive kitchen while we waited to learn more about the company.

King's Hawaiian CEO Mark TairaWe got a chance to speak one on one with CEO Mark Taira and learn about his family history and how the company got started.  16 family members work for the company and you truly felt the passion they all share for not only the product they produce but also the company.  For a small company that started in Hilo, HI in 1950, they have come a long way bringing a fantastic product to the mainland in a really rich, family-style corporate culture.  This company really does spread the aloha in everything they do.

hairnets in factoryBefore we went on our factory tour we had to take off our jewelry and put on these hair nets.  Perfect photo opportunity, wouldn’t you say?

king's hawaiian bread factory tourThere were only a few places in the factory where we were allowed to take photos due to a lot of proprietary info.  It was SO much fun to see how it all happens.  Did you know that King’s Hawaiian makes hot dog buns?  Well, they do and you totally need to try them.  They are SO yummy!!!!  The top left photo is the hot dog bun dough after it was done proofing (oh the weird traffic I’m going to get for saying buns so many times!)  The top right is the buns coming out of a HUGE oven!  Then they move on to cool before being sent to the packaging area.

blogger tour of king's hawaiian bread factoryHere is our tour group at the end of the tour.  There was this sense of excitement from the whole group during the entire tour.  King’s Hawaiian products really brings smiles to faces.

frehs out of the oven King's Hawaiian BreadOh yeah.  And then this happened.  These perfect little King’s Hawaiian rolls are fresh out of the oven.  And by fresh out of the oven I mean, they came out of the oven and were whisked over to us so we could experience a once in a lifetime treat right next to the oven they just came out of.  Insane!  Oh and can I just mention that I’m sure heaven smells just like the King’s Hawaiian factory.

food trucks at King's Hawaiian bread factoryAs if that tour wasn’t enough, the super hospitable family set up a Food Truck gathering in their back parking lot!  Each truck used the King’s Hawaiian products.  We started off with a lobster roll on the hot dug bun from The Lobsta Truck (which was as good as you would think it should be) and ate our way around the lot.  We wanted to try everything so Lauren and I decided to get one of most things and split it.  It was still too much food.  But all of it was insanely good.  The french toast from Buttermilk truck…sensational.  And let’s not forget about the table of desserts.  Did you know that King’s Hawaiian owns a bakery/restaurant in Torrance?  Well, they do.  And all of these desserts came from there.  Mmmmmmmmm.  None of them sucked.  I can’t wait to give the restaurant a try next time I’m in the area.  To cap off this amazing feast and tour I will never forget, we were sent home with enough product to take me up two jean sizes.  What was cool about that is I could, in turn, spread some aloha and share that iconic orange package with friends and family.  I saw lots of smiles and no one turned me down.

Miles loves King's Hawaiian BreadInspired by some of the recipes available on the King’s Hawaiian website, I used a hot dog bun to hold a banana for one son for breakfast.  And oh my gosh.  You HAVE to try their cheese bread recipe!  I wasn’t sure if I would like the sweetness of the bread with the cheese.  But guess what?  I totally did and you will too.  I don’t see the recipe for that on their website so I will see if I can share it with you. Do you love King’s Hawaiian as much as me?  What is your favorite way to eat it?  If  do a giveaway would anyone enter?

A huge thank you to the Taira family for welcoming in to their “home.”  Truly an experience I will never forget.

King’s Hawaiian on Facebook and Twitter.

*Disclosure:  I was given product.  I received no further compensation and this post is all my opinion.

Photos 2, 3, 4, and 6 are courtesy of King’s Hawaiian.




  1. Dave Mowry says

    I just bought my first loaf of Kings Hawaiian bread and it is so good,I bought it at (Food Country)
    in Bristol Tennesse, and the lady behind the counter sliced it for me ,Thanks for making such
    really good bread

  2. Sherri Long says

    I have eaten Kings Hawaiian bread since I was a kid. I still eat a lot of it. The best bread ever. I’ve made grilled cheese sandwiches and they are great, the melted cheese with the sweet bread. I’m glad they came out with the hamburger and hot dog buns. I love the hot dog buns not only for the sweet flavor but for the square shape. I havn’t seen square buns in forever. These are the only buns I will use for myself now. No more regular hot dog buns EVER….LOL

  3. Cathy says

    I live in the SF Bay Area but we stop by the bakery-restaurant in Torrance every time we’re in the area (they really need to open one up here!) My mother’s from Hilo so our family has strong Hawaii ties and we love King’s Hawaiian – yum! Thanks so much for this post!

  4. says

    I’ve got to get invited to things like this. I’d LOVE to see how a bakery like that works. It’s got to be amazing. And I see my friend Jenn in that group pic!

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