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lily lately cutest girl's tshirtsFeatured : So I am featuring these t-shirts on my kid’s fashion gift guide because I am absolutely enamored by this brand.  I recently found them at Little Stylings in Newport Beach and they blew my mind.  Lately Lily is THE most perfect brand for little girls I have ever had the pleasure to come across.  The premise?  Lately Lily is a world traveler, daughter to two creative professionals who has grown up seeing the world.

Lily Lately hang tagsEach season is based on a new country and Lily’s adventures there.  The hang tag tells the story of the design and the details are insanely good.  The graphics are cute without being too cutesy and I love that it introduces world travel and life elsewhere that kids aren’t usually shown.

Lily latelyThe colors are always perfection and the website is a wonderful world that I would happily let my kids peruse and learn from.  Lately Lily is a local OC company is amazing and I hope you’ll check them out for your holiday gifting!

kids fashion for gift guide

1 : You know I am a huge fan of Mini & Maximus and their new Boo Yah holiday collection might be their best yet.  Their unisex t-shirts, like this ‘Forever Young‘, are perfect for just about any little guy or girl on your list.

2 : I know I have shared this Lego Black Flag shirt from Hatch before but I freaking love it.  Your little Lego lover will too.

3 : Another favorite from Mini & Maximus, these Boo Yah pants!  Seriously, kids look SUPER cute in these and you know they are comfy too.  Win, win.

4 : What kid wouldn’t want Muno rocking out on their shirt?  This Volcom shirt from Axl’s Closet is perfect for your little YGG lover.

5 : Aven Clothing is a new-to-me brand.  I am in LOVE with their suspenders and think my little guys would look so cool with these!!

6 : While we don’t get a lot of cold weather here in So Cal, these snowboarder hats by Eli’s Lids are so cute.  My little guys like to wear beanies on our walks to school and how adorable would they look in these!

gift guide toys

kids toys for gift guide

1 : My youngest son loves to color, loves dinosaurs and loves to put puzzles together.  Boom.  Except that by the time I posted this the item was no longer available and I’m too lazy to go back and change the image.  So I found something even better.

2 : Are your kids performers?  Both my son’s like to sing and dance.  And both have asked for these Wrap Star microphones.  My husband and I will probably get some too since we have delusional aspirations to be a family band (the only thing standing in our way is our lack of musical talent).

3 : I can’t remember where I first saw these Paper Punk paper toys but I am in love with the designs.  They have a few options and older kids would have a great time with these.  There is also an option for a party pack which I think would make a great activity during a celebration.

4 :  Zara recently launched their home collection including this cool kid’s apron.  It comes in two different colors and would be a super cute gift when wrapped up with some cookie utensils or even a boxed mix.

5 : Like little green, army men, these little green skateboarders will make the perfect stocking stuffers for your little dudes.

6 : Earlier this year, my kids got to be in a Raskullz photo shoot.  We got to check out the bikes and scooters in person and they were SO fun!  My kids were drawn to the T-Rad Rex and the Police bike, but I loved the Sparkle Heart Bike.

7 : My kids are in to every kind of gun imaginable right now.  Especially laser guns.  My oldest has this game, Johnny the Skull, on his list.  And I’m totally certain that my husband and I will play this game after the kids go to bed.  Who doesn’t want to shoot ghosts?!

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