Kid’s Art Pillows for Mother’s Day

custom pillow for mother's dayHey mom.  Hey Marie (mom in law).  So I’ve now just ruined Mother’s Day for you because these kid’s art pillows are your gifts.  I know you read my blog, but I really wanted to share how cute these turned out with my readers.  Happy Mother’s Day!

I love when my kid’s draw.  They come up with the greatest characters.  When my youngest son drew this guy, I knew I had to turn it in to fabric.  And since Mother’s Day was coming up, it made sense to make the fabric in to pillow covers.  If you have never made your own fabric before it is SO easy.  I used Spoonflower and all you have to do is scan in the image and then follow their prompts.  It can be pretty expensive but I think it is well worth it to be able to create one of a kind fabric (and a keepsake).  Your local craft store sells pillow forms that are pretty inexpensive and make it so you don’t have to stuff your pillow with batting.  Super easy.

kid's art pillowsOnce the fabric arrives, you just have to find someone awesome to sew up the pillow covers.  And also to take pictures of the pillows for you since you are still trying to find your plates in your moving box hell.  (Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lauren!)

Have you ever made your own fabric?



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