I Heart This: Heart shaped plastic cutlery in the cutest candy colors

WHAT?!  How cute are these Heart Parts from IHeart-This.com?!  Wait, what are they, you ask?  They are a fork.  Oh, and a knife.  Oh! and a scooper!  Yup, three in one.  And that is on each side of the heart!  So glad I was perusing Design Love Fest a few weeks ago and spied this heart shaped plastic cutlery.  I knew I had to have them for my son’s upcoming birthday party.  At that time, the web shop was not up yet but the owner, Fatima, gave me the BEST customer service and got these forks to me in the nick of time!

Each box contains 10 hearts (for $8.95), so really, when broken in half, that is 20 forks.  I thought they would be perfect for cake time.  Like my other parties, I like to cut the cake and let all the kids get nutty with it.  These forks were awesome!

There are 5 rad colors to choose from.  There are a ton of uses for these and I just know you party gals would use these in such unique ways!  Their branding is awesome, the site is super cool and I heart everything about them.  I can’t wait to use them again!  Oh yeah, you can also customize your hearts!  Boom.  Cool.

See more of the hearts on their blog.

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And how amazing are these photos?  Desi and Tammy shot my son’s birthday party last weekend and took these for me.  Consider the above cake photos the first sneak peek of the party. :)




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