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There are decent granola bar options for kids to snack on.I decided to sit my kids down the other day to see if I could figure out some healthier snacking options for them.  I started off by asking them what their favorite junk foods are.  My oldest said, “the middle of those chocolate sandwich cookies, chocolate caramel pretzel granola bars, lattes (He’s joking, he’s never had a latte.  That I am aware of.) and ice cream.  My youngest said, “ice cream, any kind of chocolate, pretty much all candy and gummy fruit snacks.”  I wasn’t surprised by their answers.  And that was a good starting point for trying to give them better options while still getting a little bit of what they want.  What do you think your kids would say?

Both of my kids love chocolate so I try to cut down the amount they get by pairing it with fruit or pretzels. Studies show that dark chocolate has good properties, right?  And moderation is the key.  So I am fine including chocolate in their snacking.  But I make sure that it isn’t the entire snack and that I pair it with fruit or pretzels, both of which go AMAZING with dark chocolate.  This way, they aren’t eating an entire chocolate bar, or a bunch of chocolate candy, but getting a little to satisfy their cravings.

Dried fruit can take the place of high sugar gummy snacks.My youngest would happily survive on gummy snacks if I let him.  So I decided to try swapping them with straight up dried fruit.  While there is still a lot of sugar in dried fruit, there isn’t all the other funky chemicals like in those crazy-colored, super chewy fruit gummies.  At least I am pretty sure there isn’t all that other stuff in there…

sunflower seeds make a healthier snack for kids but is still crunchy with some salt.Sometimes they ask for chips or sugar cereals for a snack.  Due to food allergies, we can’t give them nuts, but salted sunflower seeds are a great substitute.  They are crunchy and salty with good fats which their little bodies need.  I, on the other hand, need to be careful with these in the house because I want to eat them by the spoonful.  So yummy.

sunbutter and banana "quesadilla" is a great after school snack idea.When they get home from school I like to give them a snack that is a little bit more hearty.  If I don’t, I find they ask for more food several times leading up to dinner.  For this snack I make Sunbutter and banana “quesadillas”.  There is no cheese in these, they just look like a quesadilla.  The Sunbutter is a great substitute for peanut butter (dumb allergies) and the banana is a nice sweet touch.  You can make it even a little bit more decadent by spraying a non-stick pan with a little bit of spray oil and then grilling it up.  Oh man.  Try this.  

A fruit salad in a fun cup makes kids more excited to eat fruit sometimes.Sometimes I forget that kids like variety.  It is super easy to give them a piece of fruit.  But it isn’t that much harder to make a quick fruit salad.  Because they are used to just one fruit at a time the fruit salad will feel a little bit more special.  Do not feel bad about tricking your kids in to thinking fruit is special.  As parents, some times you do what you have to do.  I also buy these plastic wine glasses from time to time for the kids.  They drink more water out of them than from a normal cup.  They don’t cost much but are different.  And sometimes that is all it takes.

Add yogurt to a smoothie to hide some protein in the snack.And if the kids are whining in the late morning about being starving, I will blend up a fruit smoothie with yogurt.  It is really easy to keep frozen fruit on hand and the yogurt adds protein which will help keep them full longer.  I just got a Ninja blender and I’m really looking forward to adding a little bit of spinach in to see if they notice.

squeezable Mott's applesauce is a favorite of my family. And I always, always, always have Mott’s® squeezable applesauce pouches on hand for snacks.  I try to have fresh fruit at home but for those times when it is past its prime or I haven’t yet made it to the store, I know the kids have a fruit for lunches or snacks.  And they both really love the variety of flavors they have available.

Mott's makes great take along snacks that are healthy and kids love them. My youngest especially loves these.  He’s never met a flavor he didn’t like.

Mott's applesauce is super easy to carry in my purse as a snack for myself. And now that Mott’s Snack & Go comes in this green apple flavor, I eat them too.  I have always been partial to green apples and I always wished it would come in a squeezable pouch.  Now I can take one on the go with me so I know that I have a healthy snack while I’m running errands.

Mott’s® Snack & Go is the nutritious applesauce kids love in a squeezable pouch they can take with them wherever they go. Mott’s is also the only applesauce brand with Box Tops for Education®, helping to support kids’ schools.  Click here to download a buy one get one free Mott’s® Snack & Go coupon.

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