Best Mailable Gift Idea

Send a message ball to your favorite people. These are the best gift idea ever!

Sometimes you don’t live close enough to do something special for a loved one for each major event. And sometimes, the cost of shipping alone, can deter you from doing even something small. But I think this is the greatest idea. It is called Send A Ball and what they do is send a ball, fully inflated (the post office treats it as a package) to the recipient of your choice. They come in a variety of colors and have sayings like “Have a ball on your birthday!”, “Have a ball with your new baby!” to “I hope that rash clears up soon!” (they allow custom sayings…). The balls are about $20 including shipping (there are various shipping options to choose from) and are hand addressed. I know how excited I would be to get one of these in the mail!!! Imagine your young nieces and nephews receiving one! Check out their website for all the details.

Updated to add: My mother in law has sent these on several occasions and the recipients always LOVE them!! This has got to be the best mailable gift idea ever invented.


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