Give Soma and Clean Water this Holiday

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group and Soma, but all opinions are my own. #pmedia #givesoma

Soma Water CarafeThe first time I saw Soma, I wanted it.  Aside from the fact that the 100% biodegradable filters are designed to make your water taste better, it simply looks gorgeous.  I always like to have water available when I entertain.  And now I can serve it right from this gorgeous handcrafted carafe.  It looks amazing, tastes great and couldn’t be easier.  This would make the perfect gift for your favorite party thrower this holiday (and many other recipients on your list).  Not only would they receive the gift of clean, clear water, and stunning carafe, but every filter bought from Soma helps people in need get their own safe drinking water through charity:water.  A gift that gives back is always the best.

soma-water-filtration-systemSoma is crazy easy to use.  The top of the lid features a kind of flap that you can run the water right through.  It passes through the filter and the clean water fills in to the carafe.  The filter portion fits snuggly in to the top and it is virtually impossible to do it wrong.

soma-water-filterSoma was super easy to purchase and every along every step I was met with outstanding customer service.  Like, exceptional.  While I didn’t run in to any snags during my order I have no doubt that they would bend over backwards to sort out whatever issues you might run in to.  When you purchase Soma for $49, you are automatically enrolled in their fresh filter program which I love.  The replacement filters will be sent to your house every 2 months.  You or your gift recipient won’t even have to think about it.  The cost is $12.99 and shipping is always free.

Soma Water CarafeThe ease and design of this product is perfect for my entertaining style.  I prefer to make things pretty but not be fussy.  The fact that I can just pop this carafe of water out of the fridge and on to the table makes me want to dance ridiculously happy.

beautiful-soma-water-carafeSometimes we think we have to invite people over for a big, sit down meal, but that is not the case.  Some easy, delicious snacks and yummy drinks are the perfect complement to good conversation.

slate and neutral with SomaPackaged chips and dips zhushed up a bit are really all you need.  I’m fine with leaving bags on the table but if that is not cool with you, simply put them in to a different serving dish.  Since Soma is so well designed I wanted to complement it with natural colors and materials.  A little greenery from around the neighborhood adds a fresh element to the table.  And the glow from the candles makes the room feel cozy and warm.

Food Should Taste Good SnacksThe point of entertaining is to take care of your guests and make sure that their needs are met.  We are fortunate to be able to drink wine and share snacks around a table.  It is unimaginable that in this day and age that all people do not have access to clean drinking water.

soma-carafe-is-perfect-for-entertainingThis carafe will get a lot of use in my home.  The shape is too gorgeous to not use it in as many ways possible.  I love when companies create a great product to meet a need (clean water – an important need).  But I love it even more when they pay attention to design and realize that a truly great product fits seamlessly in to your lifestyle.

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*I was sent Food Should Taste Good Snacks and it was my choice to use them in this post.  They are in no way a sponsor of this post or affiliated with Soma in any way.  I felt that the chips were the perfect way to show how easy and delicious simple entertaining can be.  The colors also worked perfectly…and sometimes, when you are crazy about details like I am, that is how you choose your snacks.



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