Gifts for Guys and Gals – Gift Guide 2012

Perry Kitchen Soccer Shirt by PaetraFeaturedPaetra is this really cool company that makes graphic tees designed in collaboration with MLS players.  The shirt above was designed in conjunction with Perry Kitchen and I think the message is totally rad.  So if you live with a soccer lover, like I do, this is a site you should totally check out.

Guys gift guide

Is your guy as hard to buy for as mine?  He seriously stumps me every year.  But here are some things he might like, or things I might like him to have. :)

1 : I freaking love bow ties.  These styles from Boutaugh are ridiculous.  I mean, velvet?!? Don’t forget to check out the cufflinks and kid’s ties!

2 : For our wedding, I gave my husband a really cool record player that hangs vertically on the wall.  It was a huge hit. And now this vertical record player version is available.  Super cool.

3 : Chubb Rock said it best, “Black on black remember that it’s important.”  I’m not sure exactly what he was talking about but this Swatch watch is pretty rad.

4 :  Full Disclosure, my husband works for IVI Vision.  This is not a paid post.  But I will tell you I have seen each and every pair in person and they are all super cool and totally well made.  I asked him to pick out his favorite pair and he chose the ‘Giving‘ (but check out the awesome orange color they have!  I’m in love!)  It comes in several colors and looks awesome on.  Go get some.

5 : Now these rad blue oxfords, by Del Toro are much pricier than I would usually spend.  But they are Italian and too legit too quit.  I mean, how gorgeous are they!?!

6 : My husband received a Case pocket knife as a gift last year.  He LOVES it.  They are super gorgeous and amazingly made.  If you have a manly man that you need to buy for, this might be the perfect gift for him.

7 : Men need to save money too. This French Bull Dog bank is awesome.  I think this would look perfect in any stylish home.

8 : Some men like to cook.  But most men like to play with chemicals to see what happens.  This molecular gastronomy at home kit will hopefully get you out of kitchen duty.  At least once.

gals gift guide

1 : Candace Kumai makes the most gorgeous cookbooks.  Ever.  Period.  Her new book, Cook Yourself Sexy, will help your girlfriends with their probably New Year’s Resolution of slimming down.  Or it is just super pretty eye candy.

2 : You better work!  So let your friends work cute with this darling Marc by Marc Jacobs USB drive keychain.

3 : I love how colorful yet dainty this ring is.  What friend wouldn’t love to receive this as a gift?

4 : I freaking love Stance socks.  I love  them on my husband and kids and now I love them on myself.  They look super cute peeking out from under boots and the patters are SO fun!

5 :  IVI Vision makes sunglasses for the ladies too!  I’m in love with this turquoise color they released for holiday and this pair, called Dusky, looks awesome on mostly everyone.  My face is more suited for the Daggerwing.  Both are bff inducing.

6 : I’m a total bag hag.  I’ve got bags for my bags.  And I’m totally coveting this one from The Oxford Trunk.  How cute would this be filled with a lip gloss for your best gal?

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