Funkytime: An awesome new online mag

Funkytime is one of my favorite sites (Oh, see that “vote for me” above the name.  You should totally go vote for her.  I don’t know what we are voting for, except it is for creative blog or something.  It isn’t in English.  Just click on the heart with numbers on it).  But being as my two boys keep me very busy, I have very little time to keep up with my favorite blogs.  So I just hopped over to see what Sibylle has been up to.  What????  A magazine!!  You are definitely going to want to see this.
It is the Valentine’s issue but that doesn’t matter.  It is gorgeous.  From the diy’s for marshmallow garland and flagged wooden spoons to the delicious recipe for orange sherbet, everything about it is exceptional.  Her color palette is very spring-like and is making me long for our warmer weather (it’s only 61 today, brrrrr).  Go check it out!





  1. Meg O'Neill says

    i love funkytime and i love the new online magazine. I only wish i could hold it in my hands and enjoy it with a cuppa.

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