Frozen Treats – Summer memories new and old {Giveaway}

sour patch kids popsiclesIt isn’t summer with out a Popsicle am I right?  I have vivid summer memories of playing outside in our front yard with my older sister, our little boom box blasting The Jets and trying to get through the Popsicle before it completely melted all down your arm.  But these days Popsicles rock my world for another reason.

summer popsiclesMy oldest son has multiple food allergies.  And Popsicles have proven to be the treat that makes him feel like a regular kid even outside of summer.  During soccer season, Popsicles are the treat that each family can bring during their snack time and we know the kids with food allergies can eat what everyone else gets to eat.  Same thing with kindergarten.  While they ruled out food in the classroom to make it safer for all the kids with allergies, there were a few times where they wanted to treat the kids.  Popsicle saved the day each and every time.

kids and popsiclesPopsicle recently introduced their Sour Patch Kids flavor (which happens to be a favorite candy of my kids) which my boys are enjoying in these photos.  Just like the candy, the Popsicles are sour on the outside with a sweet center.  Doesn’t that first photo have “sour” written all over it?  But I know that if this little guy ate the whole thing that it wasn’t all that sour.  In fact, I tried these the very next day and fell in LOVE with these.  Most of the regular Popsicle flavors are too sweet for me.  These have the perfect amount of tang for me.

popsicles are the perfect summer treatIt makes my heart so happy to see my kid with a cold treat.  Hopefully one day he’ll outgrow his allergies and he’ll be able to try other sweet frozen treats.  Until then, I know that as long as I have a Popsicle for him, he won’t feel left out.

As some of you may know, I’m have a wicked sweet tooth.  I am not a big ice cream eater in the sense of eating it out of a tub because they are usually so plain.  I prefer an ice cream bar of some sort.  Usually there are several flavors mixed together and some type of crunch which tickles my fancy.  So I was super excited to find out about some new treats by MAGNUM, Breyers, Good Humor, Popsicle and Klondike.

unilever ice cream brands imageIf you head over to the One2One Network’s Facebook page right now, you can enter to their daily drawings for coupons for these awesome brands and enter to win a year’s worth of frozen treats!  And I am pleased to give away five full value coupons for these five participating brands ($25 ARV).  Just leave a comment on this post and I will choose a random winner, one week from today, on Thursday, September 13, 2012.

Here are some of the yummy treats you could use your coupons for:

Breyers has introduced their “Blasts” line which mixes their high quality ice cream with your favorite snack aisle treats such as Oreos and Reeses.  Klondike has added additional flavors of their popular Choco Taco treat.  Popsicle has added delicious selections to their Yosicle line including the Duos pictured above.  MAGNUM has created mini versions of their delectable treat as well as a Mochaccino flavor that I am dying to try.  Good Humor has taken your favorite candy and made them in to ice cream bar form.  Yum.

Visit each brand’s website directly to see all the flavors they have created.

MAGNUM  .  Breyers  .  Good Humor  .  Popsicle  .  Klondike

*This is a sponsored post by One2One Network.  Product and additional incentives were provided to me.  All opinions stated are my own.



  1. Mina says

    You always have awesome blogs, Sharon! Love the pics of the kids and thanks for getting me up to speed with all the new ice cream delights!

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