Floppy Hats for Spring and Summer Fun

floppy hatsIn California we have a lot of sun.  But when it isn’t really warm, you sometime forget about the damage it can do.  The weather started to warm up recently and it has me noticing how much sun we are exposed to just walking to and from school.  While my skin cancer scar is healing up nicely,  it is still new skin and I’m not supposed to get sun on it.  So I’m looking to invest in some floppy hats.  Which is freaking me out.  My head, face and ears are not suited for hats.  The hats shown are certainly cute enough but please think happy thoughts that they fit and don’t make me look like a crazy lady wearing a big hat.  Well #5 is a bit Virginia Beach Spring Break but with the right outfit it could be cute.  Are you a hat person?

1 : Black Brim

2 : Peachy Stripes

3 : Woven Panama (Do you instantly think of Van Halen like I do?)

4 : Pinks and Oranges

5 : Woven with Beads



    • Sharon Garofalow says

      Thanks Michelle! I just got back from Palm Springs yesterday! Thought of you! Hope you are well!

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