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find-me-around-the-webHey guys!  I’ve been working hard all summer and not just on posts for this blog.  I just wanted to make sure you had a chance to see some of the other things I’ve been sharing around the web.  Have a great weekend!

I write for King’s Hawaiian:

Travel tips for trips with kids

Easy entertaining tips for right after you settle in to your new home

Lemonade Stands bring people together

I’ve guest posted:

Summer Entertaining Essentials on A Well Crafted Party

My favorite kid’s books on


Perpetual Garland on You Are My Fave- one garland, all seasons

Sometimes I cover stories for CBS LosAngeles:

KCRW Summer Nights Concert Series

Oh yeah.  And I ended up on a round up on Martha Stewart DOT COM, beeyatch!  Mine is the #7 slide.

I get around.  (and now I have Tupac’s ‘I get around’ lyrics in my head.  How about you?)





  1. Erika J says

    Tupac’s voice was the first thing I heard when I saw your tweet! “Hip-hop, hip, hip-hop, hip-hop; round and round, round we gooooo.” I’m so proud of you, my friend and I’m thankful you share your amazingness with the world!!!

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