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find-me-around-the-webHey guys!  I’ve been working hard all summer and not just on posts for this blog.  I just wanted to make sure you had a chance to see some of the other things I’ve been sharing around the web.  Have a great weekend!

I write for King’s Hawaiian:

Travel tips for trips with kids

Easy entertaining tips for right after you settle in to your new home

Lemonade Stands bring people together

I’ve guest posted:

Summer Entertaining Essentials on A Well Crafted Party

My favorite kid’s books on


Perpetual Garland on You Are My Fave- one garland, all seasons

Sometimes I cover stories for CBS LosAngeles:

KCRW Summer Nights Concert Series

Oh yeah.  And I ended up on a round up on Martha Stewart DOT COM, beeyatch!  Mine is the #7 slide.

I get around.  (and now I have Tupac’s ‘I get around’ lyrics in my head.  How about you?)





  1. Tupac’s voice was the first thing I heard when I saw your tweet! “Hip-hop, hip, hip-hop, hip-hop; round and round, round we gooooo.” I’m so proud of you, my friend and I’m thankful you share your amazingness with the world!!!

  2. Hahaha… congrats on Martha Stewart! And, of course, A Well Crafted Party. ;-) You know… they are totally the same thing.

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